Shoe Purge & Crochet



My SewJo (sewing practice) has quietly disappeared, therefore I have no desire to take out my sewing machine. So, I have been working on a few Crochet patterns. And, of course this includes purchasing Yarn at every sale around here. So far I made three more tops and four bralettes for my Nieces. 

To break up the yarn . . . I took a few days for a Shoe Purge.

On or about August this year, I finally came to the realization that high heel shoes will no longer work for me. I just had a hard time walking in the majority of my shooze. To say this purge was painful is an understatement. For the majority of my working life, I have been a Shoe Freak and always bought the best my pocket could afford.  I was in attendance at every Dillards & Macys shoe sale for 25+ years. I mean. . . I have some wicked heels, new/never worn under my bed . . just waiting for the right event to come out. The last time we were dressed up for an event was a wedding six years ago.

This is clearly another part of the Aging process when. . . "these hips don't lie". And, the legs and thighs just follow suit. It is true, that you don't need to wear high heels to be fashionable. But, when you have been a Freak for all of your adult life, it's hard to transition. But I Must.  After two agonizing days, calls were made to the cousins to find out their shoe size & away they went. Not shown in the photo above, were shoes in boxes from under the bed & they have all left the building.

Now, I'm back to playing with Yarn until the Sewjo returns . . . .

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