Happy August.

This Summer has been Slow and Easy. . . Easy on the Mind & Body kind of Days.  I Have a bunch of good fabrics in my Stash, and enough patterns and notions to make several outfits, but I cannot seem to find my 'SewJo'. It has been missing for awhile and I have not been searching.  But, I have been busy with some home decor at two family member's homes. Doing what I do best. . .which is spending other people's money. Did you know that I am excellent at that?

First, my cousin moved here from New York and set up house in a spacious condo and needed to furnish it. I had a blast with her and she was eager to spend. I was in my element. The final touch at her place, was a floral arrangement for her living room that I made in her colors (shown above).

She wanted a medium sized floral arrangement for her new Condo and we could not find one in her color scheme. While browsing Marshalls I found the vase and went on the hunt for the florals. Days later the tulips were waiting for Me at HomeGoods. That evening while watching the local news, the arrangement was ready for her living room. She reminds me constantly how much she loves it.

In the meantime, I got to finish my crochet project. This was the first crochet top I ever made. The only other crochet projects completed by me, were doilies back in middle school.  I was so pleased with myself, that I have already started two more. This project used three skeins of 120 yd Crafter's Secret cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby.  Got it on sale at $8.07 + tax.

Earlier this summer I changed my duvet cover to solid white, and have been looking for a long orange pillow to add to my collection.  Recently, during my weekly tour of Tarjay, I found a pillow on sale in a mustard color. After deliberations in the store, it was decided that I could either re-cover it or paint it. So, it found a new home. The next day I searched my paint stash and found the color I wanted. Before I went to bed, most of it was painted.

In my shopping trips I try to think outside the box. Repurpose & Restyle is something I enjoy doing. If the color is not perfect, or I cannot find a specific product I am looking for. I search for resolutions. Usually, I ride the item around in my cart while taking some time to look at all the options. The pillow was not in my color, but it was less than $20 and I knew I could color within the lines. So it was easy to do and this item is not sold at Tarjay now.

In the middle of June, the family ventured up to Tampa to see my Niece's brand new home. Builder grade everything. After several shopping trips, she purchased a few furniture items and we have plans to do some painting on the first floor in the next two weeks. Her decor is Farmhouse Glam and she wants neutral colors.  If you have been here before, you know that I'm all about colorful spaces & clothing, so I am having to learn about Beiges. But, I'm sure she will want to do some bedrooms in colors and that will encourage me for sure. 

Whatever You Do. Have FUN doing it!!

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