His Flaws


He had been the most important Man in your life.

Not Now.  Not Anymore!

Before you give him the Boot. . .

Do you think he Love's You? If he shows you love by making you feel valued & wanted, it may be worth forgiving even serious FLAWS. 

If you just met him today, would you like him? If he is still the kind of man you’re looking for emotionally & physically you should consider patching the holes.

How would you feel not seeing him daily?  If he is your best friend as well as your lover, losing both may be difficult.

Is He Capable of Change? 

Give him the chance to make adjustments. You may be surprised at what he can do when your Love is on the line.

Will you be better off without him? Go through the pros and cons in your head focusing on - what you’ll gain versus what you’ll lose, if you give him the boot.

There has to be valid reasons why, He is not your butterflies-in-your stomach Lover anymore and you must consider the future.  Many times Pity gets into the equation without notice, and that is not a valid reason . . . so don’t go there.

Will you be better off without him?  Be Very Honest!!

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