Forty Something


Happy May Friends!

“How old are you?” asked the young lady at the gym.   “I am fortysomething, replied the properly attired woman getting off the thread mill”.  So, how old is fortysomething?  Is it 40-50 or 40-60?

I'll say it is up to the individual who claims to be fortyish, to make sure she looks younger than her true age. People form their own opinions about others based on first impression, and if the impression you give is Confident, Assertive, and Happy in your own Skin. Then, You will look your Age!

I may think I look like Halle Berry, and know a few men will say anything to get in my pants. But, I am not forty-something. I am just old enough to know what I like and young enough not to care. Age is truly just a number. . . just like the number on your Driver's License. It does give you the right to drive a vehicle, but it does not give you the right to break the law.

Do you lie about your age?  If so, does it really make you feel younger? Think about it. . .

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