Spring Fling


Can you believe it has been three years since the world changed? In that time, the destinations of the Caribbean have undergone a tumultuous, frantic, whirring upheaval. When the Caribbean islands began reopening just a few months after the onset of the pandemic, they started a new travel movement, and travelers were quickly reminded why they fell in love with the region in the first place. . .a movement that has only strengthened in time. 

Spring Break is here already and some US Students are already out of school. In Canada, Spring Break falls around late February to mid March and they all want to go somewhere. The Caribbean has returned to it's place as the world’s premier warm-weather destination, and You should really get back to your favorite spot. 

Antigua No island does all-inclusive resorts better than Antigua. The island is home to an enviable collection of mostly boutique-style, beachfront all-inclusive resorts, where the focus is on an authentic Caribbean experience - sought-after stays like Hammock Cove, Galley Bay, Curtain Bluff and Keyonna. And while the island is perfect for a couples-only Spring Break, you can also enjoy a very different kind of family vacation at the island’s wonderful Verandah resort. 

Providenciales, Turks and Caicos In the last three years, no luxury destination has been hotter than Provo, which draw travelers looking for seclusion during height of the pandemic and never looked back. And Turks and Caicos’ “main island” has only seen more growth, with new luxury hotels like the stunning Rock House and an enviable collection of luxury villas, led by the breathtaking villas at the Shore Club on Long Bay Beach. 

Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe Maybe you’ve been to Napa or Bordeaux. If you love rum, though, this is right at that level. The rainforested, geothermally intense western half of “mainland” Guadeloupe is filled with artisanal rum distilleries, and that means you can go on a sugarcane journey, with nearly every one of them within a one-hour band on the eastern coast of the island. It’s a window into a robust agricultural destination that also happens to be filled with exquisite food and a few lovely little hotels and residences like our favorite, the Habitation Saint Charles. 

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands is in the midst of a tourism renaissance, with surging arrivals and renewed energy across the three-island destination. That includes Grand Cayman, which has never been better, from the island’s signature luxury resorts, the Kimpton Seafire and the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman to the glamorous new Palm Heights. And then there’s Grand Cayman’s celebrated culinary scene, which just got a boost from the return of Cayman Cookout and continues to lead the Caribbean with its dynamic, diverse gastronomic movement. 

St Kitts. Looking for a different kind of Spring Break? Head to St Kitts for its unrivaled blend of eco luxury, adventure and sustainability. Whether you’re staying at the fabulous new Sunset Reef or taking an organic retreat at Belle Mont Farm, this is the place for a serene, meaningful and locally-focused Caribbean vacation. Looking for another way to spice up the trip? Take a journey into the island’s rum culture.

Negril, Jamaica - It takes just under two hours to make the trip from Montego Bay to Negril, and that distance has somehow managed to keep Negril authentic, colorful and endlessly enchanting. There’s just a magical quality here, whether you’re wading on Seven Mile Beach or taking a wellness holiday at one of its elite cliffside hotels like the Rockhouse. Negril just makes you feel something, and after the pandemic its allure has only deepened. 

Palm Island, The Grenadines  Private island resorts in the Caribbean can sometimes err on the pretentious side. Not this one. Elite Island Resort’s jewel in the Grenadines is the ultimate manifestation of the Robinson Crusoe fantasy, a luxury private-island resort that channels its inner castaway. The beaches around the island are white-sand gems, the food is outstanding and the vibe is unrivaled. 

The Caribbean is very Special to Me and I have a few Hot Spots that I like to visit. Where is your favorite Spot for a Spring Fling

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