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Just in case you didn't know, the National Football League SUPER BOWL Event is set for February 12th in Arizona. Can you name one American you know who has never watched a Super Bowl game? According to the Nielsen TV ratings, there are only a few people who have never watch the games. What will You be doing that weekend?  Will you be Shopping, Cooking, Brunching or, Movie watching. This Sports Mom will be watching the Big Game for sure. I already have my favorite adult beverage, beloved snacks, Grapes & Cheese and my spot on the couch. I'm so ready for the magic and the mayhem of Testosterone. . . the tight ends, big & bold, brazen raisins and pretty boyz.  I'm looking for the hail mary's, Punts, dancing on the sidelines, cussing the Referee, etc, etc. 

And the Commercials. . . Did you know that the cost is $7 Mil for a 30 second spot this year during the game.  Will they be worth it?  Remember the Bud Bowl commercials from Budweiser during the 1989 Super Bowl? It was so popular that there were seven more 'Bud Bowl' years after.

Oh. . the Half time Show.  Gotta see post baby Rihanna and who she's bringing for the Sauce.  BeyoncĂ© has performed at the Super Bowl on two occasions. In 2013 as a solo act, with a special appearance from Destiny's Child members Rowland and Michelle Williams. Bruno Mars kicked off his performance during the 2016 Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California, with his hit “Uptown Funk.” Then BeyoncĂ© entered the stadium with an entourage of backup dancers dressed in black and gold, singing 'Formation'.  Do you remember these performances?

So what is a Sports Mom? - - - According to Today, you are a sports mom if you are constantly running to different games, sporting the colors of the team, standing in bad weather, and shouting your child’s name at the little league soccer game. You are also the one who brings the juice boxes, and hosts the end-of-season parties. - - As a Boy Mom whose Son played & love sports. And, a Netball player in my home country of Jamaica, a Volley ball player in high school and a Golfer. I just enjoy sports, and NBA Basketball is my Jam.  So, let me know if you plan to watch the big game . . .

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