Me-Mades 2022



Back in February of last year, I made an effort to Plan my Sewing projects with the Make Nine Challenge.  Well, that plan 'went to hell in a hand basket'. I did not make one item from that list and quickly found out, that I only like to sew on impulse. So, a Make Nine plan for this year is not in the cards. The only sewing plan I have currently, is to make whatever I'm Inspired by. Some of the items on the prior list are still favorable to me, just not sure when they will get made. Every year new sewing patterns get released and the sewing community go wild (guilty), and that usually determines what we all make.  However, I did notice last year that I tend to enjoy the renew/re-purpose method of creating garments. It is so intriguing to take an item from the clearance rack and re-make it into my style. 

It's hard to believe that I did make eight (8) dresses last year, and completed two craft projects on RTW jeans. Also, I got into ice dying and did a few projects. Of all the dresses made, only 3 remain in my collection. Family members got to wear a few. Sewing is one of my many hobbies and I only sew when I'm in the mood. The first DIY project for this year is to paint two walls at my Mom's house. Then, I hope to get some sewing done.

There is a need for tops to match some pants in my kloset that I should make, and of course there will be more summer dresses. I have not purchased any fabric for 5 months and refuse to buy more until my stash is wearable goods. It just makes sense. My DIY crafts will continue whenever the inspiration comes along, but I want to re-organize my sewing supplies first. One thing I will say about Hobbies. . . they are not cheap, and if you are not careful they can eat up your savings. 

As for planning on what to do next. It's all about the Inspiration.  Happy 2023 Friends!

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