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Clothing is a Language. It tells a story to the world about who you are, where you’re coming from, and what you value. Using the aspects of yourself, and doing it thoughtfully and consistently, is how you take the words/feelings and show them to the world.  To get a message across to people, one of the best techniques is repetition. Whether you’re trying to teach a lesson to your first grader or make a point to your co-worker, simply repeating the same message in different ways helps us to understand your point of view. The same is true for the language of clothing. This doesn’t mean wearing the same thing every day (unless you want to) or ignoring any new ideas or styles you want to try out. It just means adopting a few key aspects of your style that stay consistent, because they represent who you are. 

Think of these as your style signatures:

  • A particular color or type of color you wear often. For me, it's Orange & Hot Pink. For someone else it could be a love of neutrals.
  • A type of jewelry, or even lack thereof. 
  • A particular type of garment. 
  • A hair color or style.
  • A particular type of print you love to wear, like florals or stripes.

Not only does developing a list of your own style signatures help you feel more like yourself each day, it also makes choices much easier. Just remember, these signatures can/will also change over time as you evolve and change yourself.  Recently, I examined what “flattering” really meant to Me. . . "Flattering often means that a person’s Body becomes part of the Fashion". For Me that means, the body is as important to the outfit as any garment, literally turning it into an object that is subject to critique. . Hold that thought! 

In the past, I found myself buying trendy clothes for some future me. The more glamorous, more tolerant of restrictive clothing, and may I say - thinner & younger ME, instead of elevating me to a better version of myself.  I'm sure you all can relate to this. Because, we were not Happy with ourselves at that time in our lives. Thank God we were able to get past all that self-criticism!!  This mental shift has given me the confidence to look for more unusual & exciting clothing, and it has empowered me to say No to discomfort for the sake of fashion. 

I love Shoes and clothes. I love wearing them, I love making a few pieces of clothing, and trying on some Gems in my closet. There have been times when putting an outfit together was overwhelming for me, now I make it Fun. . . how do I want to feel today? What is the mood?  Part of getting to this phase in my life, is being able to enjoy how others build outfits, how they get creative and come up with unexpected combinations like my pal Jodie. Clothing is one of my hobbies, and I have No Shame.  After years of unfocused effort, my closet is an eclectic mix of a few designer pieces, trendy budget items and some me-mades, that want to be seen.

With all the clothing options under the sun at your fingertips, along with the constant influence of trends and marketing, it’s easy to lose track of what you really want to wear. Spending some time exploring who you are, and how you can express that thru your clothing is amazing. It can also simplify the process of creating your dream wardrobe. 

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