A Celebration


Today is the Oldest I have ever been, and the Youngest I will ever be again!  Yes . . I'm Celebrating another year around the Sun, totally Blessed by God.  Last month I met up with friends, I had not seen in over 30 years and they both said "Gurl, you are aging like fine wine".  This saying is meant to be a compliment, meaning. . the more you age, the better you become as a person, like fine wine. Given that aging is a part of the winemaking process, it can safely be said that all wine gets better with age. That is because the change wine endures during aging is a purposeful, part of the winemaking process. And, I am living my life with Purpose.  I never thought that I would be this comfortable in my skin at this age, and still step out in Confidence. So, here I am. . .

. . . with lipstick and no restrictive undergarments. Time spent with family is the order of the day, and I'm just clinging to all the Love I have & continue to receive. Age is truly just a number when it comes to Me getting dressed. And, if the outfit fits my style and pocketbook, I will wear it. This dress was purchased from Target on sale, to wear to a wedding that did not happen & worth every penny. Now I plan to wear it to whatever invite I get.  

My style is still whatever I Love. I'm also planning to make a few more dresses. Just not in the mood lately. And, if I'm not in the mood to sew, I can really "eff up" some fabric.  Let me tell You.

Living my Best Life.

Plans to continue the celebrations right up to the silly season, are in effect. My Christmas tree is already decorated. What about you. . are you ready for the Holidays? 

D  E  E  T  S

Dress - A New Day
Shoes - Gianni Bini (Very Old)
Handbag - Patricia Nash (Old)
Smile -  All Mine

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