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Have you ever heard a slogan, an advertisement or a quotation and wondered. . .what the hell are they talking about? And, you just couldn't take the time to check it out. Well today, I'm offering a sample from the new series "Mudda Peppa Chronicles".  As the post title suggests, this is just a taste of what to expect in this series.

Mudda Peppa (mother pepper) earned this title about 30 years ago. She's kinda Nice but Spicy and full of Flava. So those meeting her in person for the first time, should be a little cautious. This is Unfiltered, Authentic, Sprinkled with idioms & Patwa. I do hope you enjoy this little nugget. . .

Recently a new Medical Clinic opened its doors in the neighborhood and gave out invitations to come see. Now that it is Medicare Early Enrollment period, many are seeking to change Insurance providers. Mudda Peppa and Sista Six were and is still anxious to know about new plans & new providers. So, last week Mudda Peppa hereafter known as MP, made an appointment to take a Tour of the new place and see the offerings. I was asked to be the chauffeur for the afternoon. In a conversation in the car it was suggested that if the site got their approval, they would make a provider change right away. 

Upon our entrance at the facility we were greeted by an ambitious woman who offered us snacks. However, her intention was to invite us to join her "move the body" and "paint & sip" classes of which MP had no interest. We were then ushered in to meet Mr. Hospitality who would give us the grand tour. The space was large enough to accommodate several in-house clinics and had over 20 patient rooms. All the furnishings were new and it was very clean. Hospitality was eager to introduce us to the Medical Director, who spoke with us about his involvement in creating the treatment plan.  After a round of handshakes and introductions, we all stood around an area near the lab. This is how it went . . .

Dr. - "A part of our treatment plan is the private transportation we offer our patients. Not a van but a private car, Free of charge".

MP - "We don't need dat".

Dr. - "In our program we see our patients every month". 

MP - "Nah. . . no body a stick my veins every month. I like to see my Doctor every six months".

Dr. - "We did significant research and all the findings prove that, patients who are seen on a monthly basis live 5-10 years longer. That is our plan".

MP - "Dat is bullshit. I'm a retired registered Nurse. 'Nuttin no go soh'. I would still be working, if my daughter had not refused to renew my license online".

Dr. - "We also do the majority of our own labs on site. You do not have to go to the commercial labs or Pharmacy. It's all under one roof".

MP - . . ."well I have my last lab reports here in my purse from last week, see dem here. Every doctor can read them".

Dr. - "We cannot take outside lab reports. We have to do our own labs here".

MP - "Lemme git dis strait. .  You are telling us, dat we must come here every month to do what others do in 3 to 6 months?  How wi fi enjoy wi life?  When will we have time to go on vacations?"

Dr. - "This is our plan. It's not for everyone. And, we feel that our patients deserve our full attention".

Side Note: I could tell the Doctor was ready to go. So, it was time for Me to get into the conversation, and ask the big questions. . . How much co-pay would they be responsible for?  How often do you bill Medicare?

Dr. - "There is no additional co-pay required. We are here to Treat patients!"

So, I asked. . . "How do you plan to stay in business"?


MP - "Okaay. .nice meeting you gentlemen (Shake hands)". "Come, Mek wi lef dis place!"

And, we are OUT.

These TRUE LIFE experiences with Mudda Peppa, have been entertaining to our family for as long as I can remember. And, we have neglected to make notes. My Family members begged me for years to write a book. Now, I'm creating blog posts for all to read and enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to read this nugget and come back for the next post.


** Thanks for Visiting! This post is For Your Entertainment. These are TRUE, Unadulterated Life experiences that have occurred in my family. The Fictional names of the parties herein, are solely for their protection. If you like this post, please comment & Email it to others. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin, and Pinterest Or get the latest posts via Email.**

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