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The End of Season Sales are in full effect in my neck of the woods and some good buys have found their way into my closet. Some of the items found are so cheap affordable than fabric costs, that I gave my sewing machine the time off.  Between spending time with loved ones on vacation and shopping the after summer sales, I am having a Fantastic time.  My No-Buy July shopping Freeze was easy to do because I knew the August and September clearance racks would be plentiful. This year it was all about shopping for Linen clothes, because Linen fabric is so pricey right now. Marshalls & TJ Maxx had several Linen garments that caught my eye early in the season. All I had to do was wait a few weeks to catch them on clearance. I did miss out on a few, but you never know when a return item could show up later.

Towards the end of August, Macys came thru with some trendy tops on sale from $6.98 in colors I liked and some were difficult to leave behind. Marshalls & TJM had the usual clearance items and swim suits were hard to find. Sales at Target were fruitful and I got tops as low as $3.50, and swimsuit coverups at $8.40. My Cuz always says, she only shop Target for household products, and I have to constantly show her my clothing finds. Don't sleep on Target people. . . I have two great dresses in my closet from them. 

The outfit I'm wearing here is a mix of clearance priced items found recently. The Top is from the Macy's haul at $9.98 & the Linen Pants are from Marshalls purchased for $16.00. The shoes are from Target at $14.70 and they are super comfortable. The handbag is an oldie but goodie from my closet. The price of the pants are super special to Me, because solid color linen is about $21.00 per yard, and Prints in Linen are more expensive and very difficult to find. To make a purchase, I have to consider all factors. . Do I Love it?  Is it affordable?  If not, can I make it?  Then, Can I find similar Fabric?  I'm in no rush and the items will ride in my shopping cart, all thru the store while I ponder the sale. In other words, they get a spin in the fitting room and reviewed many times before they make it to the register.

Sewing clothes does not always work to my advantage. Let's say. . I found the fabric for the pants on sale at $17.00 per yard. It would take about 3 yds at 45" to make these pants at a total of $51 + notions. That is not affordable on my retirement budget. But, at $16.00 I could wear them to shreds. This is why those of us who sew, have to look at the pros and cons of sewing garments that we will wear. I'm not going to even describe the time & effort, or the disappointment when the item does not fit. I do believe in leaving certain complex designs to the professionals.

So, the summer clearance was very productive for me.  I had a set budget of $20.00 per item and stuck to it. Got some great buys for my Son for less, and many items for my Sister who is on her way to vacay in Spain.  Fall in South Florida is really 5 to 10 degrees cooler than summer. But, at post time today it is 91 degrees, so we will get more wear out of our Summer clothes.  Happy Fall Y'all. . .

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