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Neutrals may be Classic in your closet.  But, Color is Magic!  When people fall in Love, or when they get out of depression, they often say. ."their world went from black & white to Color".  Colors are a powerful visual tool. They can conjure up certain emotions, moods and reactions, and you can use them as self expression. You have heard people say how Orange is "their" color, or how they look awful in pale peach. But, they can still wear peach as an accent. It's just a personal preference.  As you may remember from kindergarten, there are three primary colors - Red, Yellow & Blue. Every shade we see around us, is a combination of these three. Lately, many Ladies are getting their colors done to find new color palettes, because they believed a certain color was not for them.  But, I'm here to remind You. . .

 "You can Wear every Color, just Not every Shade". 

We are fortunate to have so many shades of a particular color and there is one you will Love. Let's look at the color Red. . . there is a shade of red out there that will catch your eye. I see it in so many lipsticks every time I'm in Sephora or Ulta.  If you want to get a professional consultation for your color palette. You will be requested to come into the appointment, make-up free, sit in front of a mirror while several swatches of colors are placed under your chin, by a professional to find your colors. At a significant cost I might add. And, those who got their "colors done" leave the appointment refreshed and ready to get Colorized. If you live on a budget like Me, getting a professional color consult may not be pocketbook friendly. Why not try a DIY?

According to Color Theory -  We are all either Warm or Cool based on our skin tonesIf you are lighter skinned with Yellow undertones. Or, darker skinned with Golden undertones you are probably WARM. -- If you are lighter skin with Pink undertones. Or, darker skinned with Red undertones you are likely COOL.  So, what is your Skin Tone? 

Your skin tone is the surface color of your skin and can be affected by different periods of your life.  Everything from tanning, sun exposure, hormones, and age (skin changes) can affect how your skin tone appears. {See Gabrielle Arruda's 5 Easy methods to develop your color wardrobe}. She gives an in-depth look into skintones vs undertones plus great planning ideas.

You now know that you are either Warm or Cool. And, there are four official Color Seasons that are defined when talking about wardrobe palettes. Once you find your Season, you can explore further into other subcategories. According to the Experts, each season has a set of hues that will look best on you, based on your natural tones.  For this experiment you will need to have all the particulars figured out . . .

1. Set up a Pinterest board of all the colorful outfits You Crave.

2. Get on over to your hardware/paint store, and pick up some large Swatches/chips of colors you Like for Free.

3. Then, get in front of a well lit mirror, free of make-up (clean skin), hold up each swatch to your face & chin on both sides for a minute.

4.  If you love the color, put it in a folder. 

5. Review your selections & compare them to your Pinterest board. Then, take your swatches and go try on some fabulous clothes.

Please note*. . I am not here to advise You on anything! Especially, what you should or should not wear out and about. I'm not a professional Wardrobe/Color Consultant. Just a Consumer, and everything for sale is fair game. I live my life in Color and have no desire to get my color palette done, because I have never met a color I did not Like. But, I did do hours of research on the subject and came up with this DIY.  Also, I have listed some resources for you to use as you please.  

According to what I have read. . there are a few colors that just do not vibe with our complexion, and we should stay away from wearing them head to toe. (Clearly I did not get the Memo).  If you are used to pairing every top in your wardrobe with black pants. You should know that the top would look richer with another color from your closet. "Black is really only for winter" says Rachael Saunders, consultant at the Red Leopard. "If you think you have to stick to black because it is figure flattering, cast off that notion" says Katie Sturino, author of Body Talk. How to Embrace Your Body and start living your Best Life.

Just like your style journey, your wardrobe color palette will be refined over time, and it will evolve with your personal style. Remember, that none of this is permanent. It’s important for You to try everything & get what looks good on You. Do your own research, I'm sure you will find your own color palette at a minimal or No cost.  But, if you prefer to get a professional consult. . Do it soon before the next sale flyers hit your mailbox.

 When you bring more color into your life, you bring in More JOY.  

Colorwise Me.
Color Seasons

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