Coastal Grandma


Chances are you've heard the internet buzz about the Coastal Grandmother Trend by now. If you haven't, picture the tastefully-casual heroines of Nancy Meyers movies, in all their neutral-cotton-sweater-and-linen-pants-clad glory. This new to Me Trend, is all about wearing neutral-colors. It's a vibe that requires breezy oversized button down linen shirts, a cool hat (to keep the sun off your face), and cozy knits in various shades of ecru - the sort of items you may see people wear in the Hamptons during the summer. 


Clothing items that we would call classic summer staples, that are versatile and practical sets made with airy cottons and linens. Think white or beige/sand colored chinos, capris, cashmere, breezy linen shirt dresses, decorative scarves, classic button-down shirts, light-colored and comfortably sized denim, bucket hats, driving shoes, straw bags, totes, button-down cardigans (tied over the shoulders if it's chilly), sun visors, and matching pajama sets.

All the articles I read about this trend, glorified an affluent lifestyle that is commonly associated with seaside communities of the very Rich. But, real coastal culture is not about money. . . it's about experiences like, feeling the rush of big waves, breathing the salty air, watching the sunrise, hunting sea shells on the beach, and eating the freshest catch at sunset.  Back in March of this year, a TikToker who goes by the name Lex Nicoleta posted a video saying she'd coined the term "coastal grandmother" to describe an emerging aesthetic. 

If you have been to this blog before, you would be correct to say. . "this is Not My style".  As much as I will wear a white shirt and own a pair of tan colored pants, this Grandma Style is not for Me.  Nah. . I live in color and Love, love, love all the vibrant colors that can be found in fabrics and home decor. But, I am not knocking this trend. I have seen some fabulous Coastal Grandma styles on the Internet. And, those who wear this trend look very polished and comfortable. Trends come and go in the fashion world and this trend has been around awhile. It was just not labeled as such. Do you consider yourself a Coastal Grandma? And if so, do you follow this trend only in the Summer?

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