Beauty is You



Unconditional love is the process of loving without a set of conditions, and without certain rules that determine when or how much love is given. The type of love that acknowledges the limitations and weaknesses of a person while still providing limitless empathy, approval, and genuine acceptance. So many of us find it so hard to Love ourselves because we continue to compare our self to others.

Life is a journey and along the way you discover yourself. Unfortunately, many of us will not love ourself until we lose weight, get the job, or the partner we think we need. So, we put conditions on our love and derail the journey.  If you are not willing to love YOU today because of whatever excuse you see in the mirror right now, you will have that same excuse tomorrow, next week and most likely next month.  Please STOP! 

To love yourself unconditionally is to recognize the importance of being happy in your own skin. When you experience this kind of love. . you learn how Beautiful you truly are and how much you are worth in your relationships, career and this journey of life. The Beauty in it all, is YOU.

The longest relationship you will ever have, is the one with Yourself.

Someone will always be Smarter.
Someone will always be Thinner.
Someone will always be Younger.

But, NO One is YOU!

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