May Upcycle/Memade


Several months ago Target did a collaboration with Stoney Clover Lane X.  It was a line of candy-colored accessories and clothing.  At first glance I was not impressed with the line, but I did love the colors. Recently, on one of my parlays thru the clearance section at Target, I found a blue linen dress destined for the charity shops from that line. After checking the width of the garment it had enough yardage to be re-purposed, and I knew just the pattern I would use. It was purchased for $12.  Linen is quite expensive these days, so I have been on the hunt for ready-made linen garments that I could upcycle.  Of course they must be priced right. 

Once the pattern was laid out, it was evident that I would need every inch of fabric to make the sundress. After much deliberation, it was decided that I would use the front of the dress to create the back panel and the back to make the front. The dress was short so I could not remove the hem. And, here it is. . . .

It was an easy make because I made several dresses from the same pattern. As a matter of fact, this is the 5th version made and the shortest. The color is perfect and the quality of the linen will work for this Hot Gyal Summer.

Enjoy June & Keep your Loved Ones Close!

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