Hello. . .it's Your Closet


You still shop for clothes. So, why Clothes just sit in your closet, Unworn??

More often than not, the garment just doesn’t fit your Personal Style. Or it does not represent who you are Now. This may be something you struggle with as your lifestyle changes, your body changes, you start a new job, or move to a new city. Things like fabric and fit are easy to diagnose, but personal style is harder to pinpoint. Sometimes we just don’t know why it's Not working for Us. And, that’s exactly what you need to explore when you find you aren't wearing certain clothes.

Tip 1: Identify your Style: Can you describe your core style in a few words? Pinpoint it with actual descriptors, like a list of 5-10 adjectives. Then, when you have a good sense of your core style and how you like to represent yourself through clothing, you can narrow your options when it comes time to buy or make stuff. 

  • My style is NetiChic and it really is dependent on what I want to wear. My style has changed more times than I can remember & the older I get, I really just wear what I Love.

Tip 2Determine your comfort Criteria: If comfort is a big reason your favorite clothes get worn, take the time to figure out what comfort means to you. Be honest about why you wear your favorite clothes. For example, what silhouettes feel good to wear?  What kind of fabrics feel nice when you put them on? What sort of details make something comfortable enough for you to wear it? Do you like things that have some elastic, or you like when clothes cinch at your waist. Whatever it is for you, identifying those contexts will help you to get those items that are infinitely more wearable:

  • I Love colorful clothing & live in a subtropical climate. So, comfortable has to keep me cool. I Love to wear linen and cotton, but most of my dresses are a rayon blend. And, Yes elastic waistbands are my friends.

Tip 3:  List your frequent Activities: Similar to setting contexts for your clothes, what activities do you imagine doing in this particular garment?  For example - if this is an everyday piece of clothing for you, what will you do throughout the day?  Something outdoors like - walking, gardening, shopping to taking care of your kids. Or, will You be sitting all day working at a desk, or you might need to host events. Think about weekdays versus weekends, too.

  • As a Retiree most days are for enjoying what the day brings. There are days when going to the mailbox is the only outdoor activity for me. On shopping days I'm either at the malls, or checking out new plazas in jeans & comfy tops.  Evening out is dependent on the Venue, and more dressy outfits come out to play. 

Tip 4: Go through your Closet:  This is an invaluable exercise! Go to your closet and pull out your Ten most-worn clothing items. Take pictures of them or make a small list on paper.  Make a note of, why you like them. Is it the fit? The color? Is it the fabric? Or how comfortable it is?  Then, you can brainstorm some other garments that will go well with your ten favorite pieces. If one of your most worn items, for example, a pair of jeans. What could you buy/make that you could wear with those pair of jeans? You will feel great because you're already wearing something you know you love to wear.

  • It is always the Fit for me & my aging body is always giving surprises. I tend to add very colorful breathable items to my closet when the clearance sales are booming. I did this exercise twice last year and gave away a bunch of items to my Niece. This year items will be offered to my neighbors in Buy Nothing Facebook Groups.

Tip 5Add something special to what you have/make:  Think about some basic, simple garments that meet your criteria and add a special detail to each one. How can you make them a little bit more special so that you have things that will still get worn but feel special at the same time?  Add embellishments like. . pretty buttons, ruffles, etc.  Maybe you can Dye the garment a different color. Or, pick a Trendy contrasting fun top that you could wear with your favorite pair of jeans. 

  • Adding embellishments to Jeans I already own, has been a favorite of mine. I have also experimented with clothing dyes. 

Finding a balance between what you know & trust, and what feels special will always result in clothes you LOVE to wear.  And, if it feels Good on your skin you will wear it again and again. . .


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