Is it Cheaper to Sew Clothes?


Do you think Sewists (People who sew) save money when they make their own clothing?  Before fast fashion lowered the cost of ready-to-wear clothing, sewing was an economical solution to Expensive clothing. But right now, where cheap clothing is just a click away, that is not the case. Sewing your own clothes can be cheaper if you have access to cost effective materials, but not everyone does.  If you look at the costs of commercial garment production, you’ll find high ethically obscure costs.  Now, if you sew clothes yourself, there are invisible price tags in each project. Items like sewing tools, equipment for your space & patterns used more than once, are hard to put a price on.

Yes. . you can save money by sewing your own clothes - if you have fitting issues. Are thrifty with fabric/supplies & not count your time & labor.  When I re-started my sewing journey after more then twenty seven years, I was not sure that it was a hobby I would stick with. So, I purchased a cheap sewing machine and some cheap fabrics to test it all out. Well, the sewing machine has not lived up to my expectations and the cheap fabrics are just that. . . Cheap!  After making the green dress from upcycled materials, I was rearing to go until the stash of fabrics I had built up was just not cutting it.  The stash was just Blah. . .and the Sewjo went out the window.  

Indie store labels say they are only using quality fabrics, and provide comparable costs for human labor, which is why their prices are closer to what sewing with expensive fabrics cost these days.  It's all about freedom of choice and you get to decide, where and how you want to spend your money on garments. So, is buying ready-to-wear the cheaper option?  Almost always, especially if you are all about shopping the after season sales.  For example:  A cotton t-shirt in the store is about $15 for a decent one. To make one you’d need to spend about $25. But, if you love to wear it - it is so worth it.

It did not take me long to come to the realization, that Cheap does not work for Me. The fabric has to be something I enjoy working with, to keep the excitement going.  And, cheap fabrics rarely look and feel good. Then, there is the Fitting dilemma  - To get the fit just right takes extreme patience, and again the garment must excite Me to make the necessary corrections. Therefore, for Me sewing is not Cheaper than buying off the rack.  But, if you like to be Unique and want to customize your closet, then Sewing can be affordable. Not Cheap!


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