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Well Hey May. . . be Kind!

To be able to sew and finish a garment, you need to have extreme patience. And, the fit determines your Love for the end product. I am short on patience and have to push myself to the finish line, especially if alterations is needed to make the garment wearable. When I made the first version of Mcalls 8214 I was excited to make a dress after such a long time, and could not wait to show my Mom. However, the next time I put on the dress, it was evident that the drop waist style was not flattering on me at all. On YouTube there are so many Sewists hacking (making changes) commercial patterns and they influenced me to try.  So, I Hacked the pattern. Took out the drop waist section and added a ruffle to the hem. 

Used fabric from my stash and eliminated the pockets. The fit was better and I loved it. So, I made another dress using the pattern I hacked, with fabric I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby months ago.

Two New dresses to wear all Summer long is a Win in my book.
What say You?

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