Instead of sewing items for my make nine projects, I got excited about Upcycling a pair of capri Jeans that had been in my closet un-worn. The length was just not right. This is how Hobbies exist in my world. I get sidetracked by new bright & shiny objects and old projects get thrown to the side, and some never see the light of day. This new project took on a life of its own and was supposed to be my March MeMade.  But, I went out of town for a few days and when I got back the the excitement had faded. 

The Inspiration photo has been in my computer files since 2018 and when my Son transferred the files to my new computer system, it was found. I always knew I wanted to create a copy, just never got around to it. Earlier this year my pal Jodie posted some designer jeans that were similar, and this project came back alive in my head.  It took several weeks to complete the pants and it's 'kinda worth it. 

Once it was confirmed that the jeans still fit, the search was on for some colorful fabrics to complete the look. A week went by before I found some fabric in my stash, that was just too stiff to construct wearable garments. It turned out to be just right for this project.

It took another three days of fiddling with the fabric to decide on how to create the tiers, and also how to add the tiers to the jeans. Once that was figured out, the project got underway.

My Process:

  • Pre-wash the fabric & iron.
  • Measure the length & cut the fabric for the base.
  • Cut the desired length & width of each Tier (Used 3)
  • Pleat the first Tier to create the flared effect.
  • Box pleat the Second & Third Tiers. (Can also be gathered)
  • Baste the tiers individually to the base fabric.
  • Cut off the hem of the Jeans.
  • Baste the tiers to the Jeans, leaving one side open.
  • Sew on tiers, then close up sides.
  • Press and repeat.
  • Wear em over & over!

All of this took time with plenty finger sticks, and the project got stalled watching Tiger Woods and basketball games. Once the Masters ended, I got back on track to continue with the pleats and basted them together. The first leg was sewn when I noticed some flaws. Once the tiers were picked off, the day ended with two scoops of ice cream.  It took another day and a few cuss words before I saw the light and it was completed.  Now, these jeans have a new life, and will be worn to shreds.

Would I re-create this project?
Nah. .too much work.

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