Anatomy of Midlife


The Mid-life Crisis is a common subject among the almost-older generation. Men with fancy sports cars, leather pants and perky paramours. Women with sleeplessness, sadness and anxiety. How come the women are not having the sexy dates and red sports cars?  Some of us are. They are just not talked about. Let's face it . . Midlife for women is more consequential due to changes in our bodies that can create health issues. It is no secret that we live in a society obsessed with productivity and Feminine Beauty.  The idea that we must be continuously on the GO is not for everyone. 

Ask yourself. . . Am I living the Life I truly want to Live?

Your answer will be different from just about everyone who reads this post.  I'm a work in progress and trying to Live my Best Life. Some days I'm not sure and others I am reaching for the stars. This is how Midlife truly is. You are not going to be on top of the mountain every single day.  The corporate ladder may be out of reach or non existent.  Your empty nest can be comfortable or lacking human response. You may not have a great friendship circle.  But, you can make the necessary changes.  How you handle each day is entirely up to YOU. 

When your definition of beauty, is a forever young appearance. You lose yourself in the thought of fixing and making corrections every time you look in your mirror. . STOP.  All those years spent on creating a good mindset cannot go to waste. We have the tools and the confidence to work with what God gives us.  Be that person who can be Selfish & protect your feminism.  Martha Beck author of "The Way of Integrity. Finding the Path to your True Self" says . . "take note of things around you that you find visually pleasing. Admire the intricate folds in a ball of aluminum foil. Eventually you will be able to see the beauty in your crow's feet and laugh lines too."  The good news is that middle age can also be very enlightening & liberating for us ladies. Once we get over that giant hump in the road of life, we get to see we are just as Pretty as we once were, some of us are even Prettier. Being comfortable in our own skin just gets easier every year.

Family bonds are important. But, we all need at least two good friends. Friends that you don't have to be careful with what you say. Or worry that he/she will be prejudiced. Being selective about how you spend your time and who you spend it with is a part of self-care.  The right friend maybe going thru the same issues you have and just waiting for someone to talk to. So, be the Right Friend. 

We have to set goals for the Future because we will Live in It. 

And, the pandemic taught us . . . We must live each day to the fullest, because tomorrow is not promised!

Be Happy Right NOW!

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