Make Nine Challenge

Everywhere on the social media outlets, people who Sew (Sewists) are getting excited about the Make Nine Challenge for 2022. The idea of this fab challenge, is to pick just nine pieces and commit to make them during the year. They don't even have to be nine specific garments, they can be a capsule wardrobe or based on a Theme. Most of those who participated in the challenge last year were productive and it gave the appearance of Fun too. Last year, I had just re-started my sewing journey after 25+ years and my projects were based on impulse. This year, I want to try a more planned approach to my sewing and have decided to join in with the #MakeNine2022 challenge. This has made me really think about the garments that I want to make, and should encourage me to finish my projects. My style is varied and I tend to gravitate to colorful easy wear separates in my closet. After making a few dresses last year, I want to make more. Accountability is the key to this challenge.

If you have not heard of the #MakeNine Challenge. . . It was established in 2015 over on Instagram and is described as "a gentle self-guided challenge for makers". The founder Rochelle, was inspired by the "Best Nine" hashtag and instead of looking at her best nine photos from the past year she decided to look to the future and share nine projects that she wanted to make in the future. The only commitment is to finish the garments before December 31st. You can make more than nine things in the year if you want to! And, this challenge is especially helpful for those slow-sewists (like me), or those who have busy lives and need to plan their sewing time. 

Here are a few items to consider when choosing your nine projects:

  • What do you want or need?  Be forgiving about pattern choice but get specific about what you want/need to make this year.
  • What did you learn from last year?  If you didn’t finish something on last year’s list, ask yourself why.
  • What’s in your laundry basket right now that you wear all the time?  Are you interested in trying to recreate it?
  • What types of things do you really LOVE making?  What do you dislike making?  If you hate making pants, you don’t have to put them on your list.
  • Look at your calendar.  How much time can you give to each of the projects on your list?

Here are my Nine picks:

1. Party Dress -  #M8084

2. Off shoulder Top - #NL6507

3. Wrap Top - # N6700

4. Maxi Dress - # B6678

5. Ogden Cami - Red/Pink Satin

6. Sleeveless Maxi Dress - #NL6372

7. One Shoulder Top - #M7955

8. Midi Dress - #M7775

9. Joggers - #B6137

These selections are proposed and subject to change. I'm very fickle with selecting fabrics and reserve the right to make changes. Most likely there will be substitutions during the year. The plan is, to use patterns & fabrics that are already in my closet. I do have a fair amount of fabrics in my stash and will not be purchasing any new fabrics for this challenge. My quest, is to select easy to sew items that keeps me interested, with the idea that they can be worn on my next vacay.  Do you Sew?  If so, would you do this challenge?  Stay tuned . . .

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