The KonMarie Method


The Kon Marie Method by Marie Kondo is in full swing this month and the only people who Love it are the Thrift shoppers. Why? Because cleaning out your closet benefits the Thrift Shops. Let's face it. . . No one gets excited to do cleaning, unless they are moving to a new place. And, even then it is just Hard work. Every year around this time we are pushed challenged to do some kind of closet purge. Not Me, because closet purging is an all year event in my house. It occurs when I am trying to shop my closet and can't find anything to wear, like most Ladies I know. If you have not heard of Marie Kondo. Let me give you a quick snippet - - 

Marie Kondo has become a cultural phenomenon. She has inspired people who would not normally pare down their possessions to throw away bags full of excess stuff, using the KonMari Method, of radically decluttering a home or office. Marie started working as a professional tidier in Japan at age 19, when she began tidying up friends’ homes for extra cash. “Tidying was such an integral part of my daily life,” she writes in her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, “that it wasn’t until the day I started my own business that I realized it could be my profession.” 

She was so successful that eventually, her waiting list contained enough names to fill six months of work; within a few years, she became a celebrity in Japan. After she wrote her first book, she followed it up with a companion, Spark Joy, plus a journal. Now, she has a great business, a Netflix Series and, every January thousands of women pay to get access to her tidying up Course. 

Kondo's decluttering technique, known as the KonMari method, has six simple rules that are supposed to help you get your home and your life in order.  It is a minimalism-inspired approach to tackling your stuff, category-by-category rather than room-by-room. There are six basic rules to get started:

  • Commit yourself to tidying up.
  • Imagine your ideal lifestyle.
  • Finish discarding first. Before getting rid of items, sincerely thank each item for serving its purpose.
  • Tidy by category, not location.
  • Follow the right order.
  • Ask yourself if it sparks Joy.

Here is a 5 step cheat sheet of her method courtesy of  S L O W W:

1. Discarding by Category comes First.

  • (In Order) Clothes First, then books, papers, Komono (miscellany) and lastly, Momentos.
  • Put all your clothing in piles on the floor in subcategories:
  • Tops (shirts, sweaters, etc)
  • Bottoms (pants, skirts, etc)
  • Clothes that should be hung (jackets, coats, suits etc)
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Bags (handbags, etc)
  • Accessories (scarves, belts, hats, etc)
  • Clothes for specific events (swimsuits, uniforms etc)
  • Shoes

2. Break a category into subcategories as necessary.

3. Keep only those things that Spark Joy. 

4. Organize your space thoroughly and completely.

5. Do it all in one Go. In Japanese the term is ikki ni. 

Watch Marie Kondo Learn to Fold Video on YouTube.

What you hope to learn or find out from the KonMarie Method is:

Getting dressed is no longer a Chore. Digging through an overstuffed closet was painful. Now your closet feels richer, loaded up with good things that you will enjoy wearing. You get to find out what you Need not what you Want in your clothing.  And, you actually LOVE what you have.  What say You?

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