What's Up Wednesday


Hello P E E P S. . . There is always something going on in our life seven days a week.  And, if you are on your eight day, you have jumped off the bridge and gone way too far.  It’s mid week/hump day for me. . . .

  • I’m working on. . making bows for christmas presents and enjoying the cool down in my neck of the woods.  It’s a breezy 70 degrees.
  • I’m Reminiscing about . .  Last year this time, when we could not wait to see 2020 go with hopes for a healthy 2021. Well, viruses are still interrupting our life & now we have Mr. Omicron. So many anti-vaxers are strolling about town and taking off at the airports. We just can’t seem to catch the healthy bus.

  • I’m looking forward to. . this re-vamped MadamTooMuch blog & want to see it flourish.
  • I’m not happy with . . my sewing machine and it is the reason my sew-jo went into hibernation. Gotta fix the issues.
  • I’m excited about . . the Christmas family dinner with all my vaccinated family members. Yes. . . my Niece has purchased a large quantity of in-house covid tests, and she will be testing those without their vaccine cards upon arrival. This virus is no joke!!

Seasons Greetings! 


Happy 2022 to ALL.

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