This month was a "do everything and claim nothing" month. The birthday celebrations started early and I did not even look at the sewing machine because I was living Life. And it was all enjoyable. Thanksgiving eats was in the mix and we celebrated several milestones in our Family. My Aunt celebrated 99 years around the sun and we all gathered at my Cousin's house for a big bash on the 14th. Black Friday sales came and went and I purchased nothing.  On the weekend after the left overs, christmas decor came into play and I spent all day Saturday decorating my Mom's yard. On the following Monday my christmas tree got my attention all day and I'm still adding and subtracting ornaments. The highlight of the birthday celebrations, was that my Son was here for two days and we had so much laughter. When it was all said and done, November was very, very Good to Me.

We also celebrated the remaining Four of my Mom's Eleven siblings.

Two Sisters




But First. . . Let's Eat

So, my Friends. Let's welcome December and look forward to the Best it brings Us, as we look to celebrate the end of another year. 

 A little birdie told me, it's all going to be Fantastic. . . . 


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