Betwixtmas '21

Betwixtmas . . those days when you get tired of leftovers from the big meal, and find pine needles all over your floor.  When nothing gets done while you wait for New Year’s Eve to provide another kick of joy before life returns to normal. Then, resolutions & plans come to the forefront and you will see & hear . ."New Year. New You".  Nah!. . Not Us.  We have done it all, and now we actually Love the person we see in the mirror.  Why change?  That same person who took a beating from the pandemic and still stood tall. . . Yes YOU!  If the past two years taught us anything. . . is that life is Fragile and we should be forever Thankful for every darn thing.  Therefore, on the eve of this new year - - We will not dwell on the imperfections of our bodies;  not get upset with the laugh lines on our faces;  nor the fact that our wallets are not bulging with an overflow of cash. We have learned to live with what we have, therefore nothing can stop us now.  "New Year, Same You"!

This new year it's the Same Me, because I'm still freaking Fabulous. Yeah. .  I'm another year older but I would not change a thing about the Life I'm Living right Now.  All the worry and exhaustion I put myself thru last year was just not worth it. So, I'm leaving it all behind. 

There has to be a point in life when you do a Review, make Adjustments or look for Alternates. And, if you cannot find any alternative to the course your life has taken, then you have to play with the cards you are given. There is no new deck to draw from.  In my years around the sun, I've noticed that it takes many trials & errors before the light bulb turns on and we can see the light. And, we are not satisfied until it happens.  So, when the light turns on, and it will.  Celebrate and Enjoy Your Life!

The year 2021 is over. Seriously, I remember when summer ended. But what happened to October?? This blog is starting over being Revamped for the third time Here. I started blogging in 2010 as "Kurves" and migrated to MadamTooMuch in 2016. The friendships I made over the years have superseded my expectations. I did not know back then, that I would have friends via blogging. Friends that I would want to meet up for cocktails and spend time with, hopefully in the near future. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and for giving me such encouragement in your comments. I truly appreciate YOU and love to see you Strut your stuff on any given day.  

My wish is that 2022 be Your Best Year Ever!!

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