A New Found Skill

As we move thru Life our perceptions change and we are always refining our Style, Comfort Zone and our Health. We can all attribute taking better care of ourselves to the current Pandemic. It was evident that time spent with one's self during lockdown did really open our eyes to what Life truly is all about. We all have a learning curve and I found out that "Doing Nothing" was a new skill to be learned. Yes. . .  sitting in my chair looking out the window, is not so bad after all.  Seeing the birds jumping from tree to tree and the squirrels playing can be entertaining. Life did NOT Stop, it just Calmed us Down.  And, all that sale shopping at Macys, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target was really not necessary. I did not need all that stuff that I am about to give away to Family, Friends & Goodwill.  Skills that we somehow lost in transition came back to fill the time slot, we used to give to the hustle & bustle.  I can finally just "Do Nothing" whenever I feel like it.  This is a really Kool skill!

Our connections are still Vital as we cruise thru this life and we still NEED each other.  More than ever.  So, I still go to my favorite watering holes, laugh it up with Friends & Spend quality Family time.  Just not as often. If you are entering your 60's & beyond you should:

  • Try new things to keep challenging our brain. Take up  Painting, Sewing, Learn Spanish, cultivate Dahlias . . . whatever brings you Joy.
  • Be open about Sex. Men and women have different challenges as they get older. Accommodating those challenges can become a creative process of both.
  • Guard against Ageism. People who have negative perceptions about aging do not recover well from illness.  Own your age proudly.  Say hey. . .This is what 60, 70 or 80 looks like & Glow. We are among the first generation to have these extra decades. So, let's enjoy it all.
  • Don't put off your health check-ups.
  • Prioritize Rest. Make sure you give your body the rest it needs.

Forget about Turning back the Clock. . . .

Embrace every life stage with habits that will keep you Fresh & Radiant. 

Whether you just got your first Grandchild or are celebrating early Retirement!

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