Kloset Purge/Swimsuit Edition


I have been doing kloset purges since 1988 because I have moved so many times. That was the year I moved from South Carolina to Florida and kept on moving.  Just about every seven years I got the itch to sell and start fresh in a new-to-me place. My last move was July 2000 when early retirement kicked into gear.  As you all know, every time you move you have to get rid of stuff. And, now that I live in a tiny townhouse, I'm restricted with space and kloset purges happen frequently.  My rule is. . . one new item in, one old item out. It's hard to stick to this rule and I see the space shrinking every season. In my previous post, I eliminated the unfittable Bras and replaced them with a few good ones. Now, I am working on the other drawers in my cabinet, and today the old Swimsuits gotta go.

There is no such thing as too many swim suits. If you love soaking in some sun and live for summertime like I do, you probably own quite a few suits - two for the beach, one for poolside parties, and several for extra-special vacations. However, there are times when it is an absolute must to replace the swimsuits you own. Swimsuit trends often change, though some styles remain relevant year after year. And,  your personal taste change over time. You may no longer adore that same floral swimsuit you fell in love with a few years back. Therefore, you should buy new bathing suits as often as you please whenever you feel they are Out of YOUR Style.

Every year, the Fall is without a doubt the best time to purchase new swimsuits for next year. There are hundreds of great options at clearance prices to fit every budget.  So, I took out every swimsuit and tried them on separately. Those that were ill fitting are going to family members and the faded/tattered are ready for the dumpster.  Only a few made the cut, and now I'm ready to scope out the clearance racks.  Whenever you want to see how an item of clothing looks on you, view the photo of you wearing it. They say that pictures don't lie and sometimes they are brutally honest.  After looking at some photos last week, two things stood out:

  1. The one piece style is not flattering on me at this stage in my life.
  2. Several items have to be replaced due to fading/wear n tear.

The key is to figure out, which swimsuit styles allow you to best flatter your figure. Tummy control swimsuits consist of firming fabric that helps to smooth and shape figures. Underwire swimsuits are a great style of swim top for senior ladies because they provide added support for more active days and feature removable cups for a flattering shape. You can find underwire swimsuits in any style you can think of, such as a square neckline for more modest coverage or a V-neck for something a little bolder. But, before you head out the door. . . determine what styles are currently trending. Or, the features you love the most when purchasing new bathing suits. There are quite a few styles out there. . .

  • Skirted swimwear: Lends a touch of elegance while offering more coverage at the thighs.
  • Tankinis:  have been in style for some time, and you can mix and match them with your favorite swim bottoms.
  • In terms of prints: Popular choices include floral, stripe, animal, polka dot, and paisley patterns.
  • Or choose to rock a solid color. You can never go wrong with a classic solid-black swimsuit.

After the try-on at my house, I have decided to buy only separates. As is true with all mix-and-match swimsuits, if you go for a two-piece option, just be sure to choose colors and prints that work well together or go for a solid color in both the top and the bottom. It’s never the wrong time to refresh your look.

I have seen a few of us older gals wearing swimsuits that look like a mini dress, because they offer a bit of comfort.  And, that is NOT my Style.  You want to feel as good as you look.  YES. . we still can choose any style we feel fabulous wearing.  So, if you can still rock a Bikini, get it now!

Hey. . it's October already!

Enjoy every Minute.

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