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A question asked on a Style Makeover site by a woman  -  -  -  Are shorts appropriate over 60?

The consultant Jane answered -  -  - "the short answer (pun intended) is Yes!"  She also said. . . . "If you like your lower legs and knees then shorts can be comfortable, practical casual wear for hot summer days and stylish too! . ."And, if you have full thighs, shorts will prevent chaffing." Well, I do agree with her on the chaffing.  I have not worn shorts of any length since 2018, which was the last time I played golf wearing a skort. Why you ask?  My golfing buddy kept making excuses - too hot, too windy, too wet & cold and the years have just gone by.

It would not be the truth, if I agreed that everyone should wear shorts, no matter how old they are, without admitting that changes in my  appearance have impacted what I’ve felt like wearing from time to time.   Yes . . . when society says don’t wear X if you look like Y, we tend to jump head first and wear it, because us older gals are Renegades. Don't you dare tell me what to wear!  And, we have lived long enough to earn the "I don't care Attitude".  But, let's be clear -  if you want to wear shorts but are under the impression that you’re “too old” - or “too anything,”  THINK AGAIN!   Last year when my shorts were found in a storage tub. The reason for not wearing them was . . . I just did not want to show my varicosed legs.


It's remarkable how a time of crisis can make a person have a change of heart!  Back in March when the pain in my right knee got unbearable and I found it difficult to walk upstairs to my room. I had a flashback to frolicking on the beach and walking everywhere. Then, all I could do was Pray for the pain to go away so I could get back to walking with ease.  Here it is five months later.  I can run up the stairs with caution and took out my shorts to wear.  All of a sudden, dem ugly legs are Great and I want to show them off. . . .

The main things to get right when you're over 60 are:

  • The styles of shorts that will work for you will depend on your body proportions.
  • Context is everything.  Dress for your personality and make the best of your good bits and hide/minimize the bits you like less.
  • When you're older, shorter shorts especially with a skimpy top, sends a different message.

This just goes to show, how we perceive our self at times, is not Who we really are.  So, stay true to who you are, what you like and what you feel good wearing, suddenly the choices become less overwhelming and the freedom more exhilarating. This is called . . Ageless Style.

The only reason I did not go on a mini vacation back in April was my inability to walk around.  Now, my excuse is that I want to get the booster vaccine before boarding an airplane.  Is that an excuse or what's best for my health?  We all make up excuses, and very often they prevent us from living our Best LifeWhat say You?


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