There is a lot of talk about Sustainable Fashion and many of You are getting your closets ready to follow this trend. Because clothes have become so cheap, some of us no longer care as much about quality. We just buy new garments when the ones we have lose their shape or appeal. And you and I have had the experience of buying expensive clothing or pair of shoes and facing the disappointment when two months later, they already look old or have holes in them. At the start of this year I decided to start creating some me-made outfits all because I just did not find any good fitting garments I loved. So, I have not purchased any ready to wear clothing since, but I have purchased fabrics.

Same is true for cheap fabrics . . you get what you pay for!  But, since I was just starting over on my sewing journey, I did not want to spend tons of money on fabrics, because more than likely I was going to mess up some stuff. This held true so many times already and a few of the garments made were not wearable for me. Only two items were good enough to go to Goodwill, the others are now cleaning rags.  Now, if I had purchased expensive fabrics it would have been difficult to toss the items.

On one my blog posts my pal Jodie commented that I should look at Thrift stores for wearable fabrics and patterns. So, I ventured to Goodwill and found two king size sheets for $2.50 each. I laundered them 3 times before deciding if I wanted to make a wearable toile. The fabric content of the green sheet was unknown, so it became a simple dress I could wear as a beach cover-up.

My original plan to only add me-made dresses to my kloset was going well. Until, the last Designer Collection at Target dropped & had me running to several stores, only to find that my size was popular & sold out. I had plans to get the Green dress that everyone bought but I was late to the party.  So, I made my own version with the green sheet. The cost of this dress is $2.50 plus notions.  Not bad use of the sheet, Right?  Please note - It is not a copy of the Christopher John Rogers designer edition. It's not even a good copy of the recent copies I have seen sewn on the internet, but it will work for the summer.

Have you wondered why it is a challenge to wear a garment more than five times?

  • Garment quality is declining every year. As a result, our clothes immediately look faded, shapeless, or worn out.
  • Trends are changing so quickly that we cannot keep up. We continue to purchase just to stay up to date.

This is called Fast Fashion:  Mass-production of cheap, disposable clothing. Countless new collections per year make us feel constantly out of date and encourage us to keep buying more. What can we change about it?  Shop for quality items you Love and feel Great wearing them.

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