How to Price Match

Price Matching at Lowe's, Best Buy, Target, Michaels and many other stores can save you a ton of cash. If you’re like me, you want to maximize your savings always, but there comes a time when you want to use a specific retailer for convenience and unfortunately, they don’t have the best price. This is where price matching comes in.  Simply put, Price matching is when a store offers to match a competitor's lower price on the same item. All you need to do, to claim your discount is present proof of a competitor's lower price within the timeframe specified by the store's price match policy.  Believe it or not, only about 17% of shoppers take advantage of price matching, according to a report from the National Retail Federation.

The key to price matching is to shop your favorite retailers who are willing to honor the suggested price.  The process can be mysterious and does take some time to gather the information necessary for a successful price match.  Amazon does not price-match but many other retailers will match prices from Amazon, but not from third party sellers thru Amazon. 

According to Jeanette Pavini, author of the book The Joy of Saving. . ."The larger stores that offer price-matching are usually used to taking care of these customers, and it's a simple process."  You just need to have a game plan and follow these three steps to make it easier:

  1. Look for Store's Policies. Check the website or find it in the small print of their advertisement. Typically the item must be in stock and the same model number.
  2. Find other Prices. Research, research research!  This will take some time but it is worth it. Try apps like ShopSavvy and Flipp.
  3. Get the Evidence. When you find the lower price, print the offer, take a screenshot or bring the print ad featuring the deal to the store.  Show your evidence to the cashier, store manager or customer service to ensure you get the deal.

I consider this a game that I expect to win and put in the time to do my homework. When we were seeking to get some new kitchen appliances we went to Lowe's midweek when the store was not busy, armed with flyers from two other suppliers who sold the same or similar models and got Great deals. But price matching is not just limited to furniture and appliances.  For example:- When it was time to purchase a car, I wrote down three key preferences and enlisted my Son to do the research. My main objective was to get a gently used car with a good manufacturer's warranty that would be easy to maintain.  

My Cuz had a Japanese sedan she loved and it was easy to maintain. So, when my Son found the CX3 model we started to look at options. With his help we found three dealers with inventory and I drove an hour to the see the first of many. After a test drive at the third dealer who was a broker for off-lease vehicles, I got the financials and started the negotiating. When that deal fell thru, we found another vehicle at a Used Toyota dealership where I did my best price matching.  Armed with two sales invoices for the same model and a little haggling made me a game winner.  Just so you know, I have NEVER paid the dealer's list price on any vehicles, new or used. The financials must match my budget before we sign on the dotted line.

Major Matching Retailers

  • Best Buy - The item must be an exact match including the color and be in stock.
  • Home Depot = Price matching excludes seasonal, obsolete or clearance items.
  • Lowe's - For Online purchases matching  will include shipping costs.
  • Dick's Sporting Goods - Item must match exactly.
  • JCPenney - You can price match and use a coupon.
  • Target - You have 14 days after a purchase to find a lower price, which Target will match.
  • Ashley Furniture -  Identical. The product is the same size, model, SKU, quantity, brand, name and color. The item must be available at the online retailer's website and on at the time of the price match request.
  • Michaels - This chain matches a select list of online retailers, including Amazon, Target and Walmart . So look for the list.
  • Walmart - Stores will match prices from (but not from third party sellers) if the item is in stock. will match prices only from retailers listed on its site.

Now, all you need is your shopping list and wallet to find those Great deals on the items you want or need.  Happy Shopping!

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