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You overpay for some new skincare item and blame You Tube, it was really not a budget buster. But, when you are spending thousand of dollars for a New Car or Household items, it is a big damn Deal. Such costs (if unplanned) can really raise your otherwise stable blood pressure. While a new Car or Refrigerator is a big ticket item, you need to find the best deal without sacrificing quality.  I rarely purchase new cars because I can get a "Certified Used" vehicle for a lot less with a longer warranty & good ole CarFax. But, I will not buy used household items. There are some good deals on, Let Go, Facebook marketplace, Instagram, or from the g\Gal down the street. Not for Me.  And, no matter how diligent you are about having electrical household items serviced regularly, they will not last forever. They will have to be replaced with the latest model. 

Last week our A/C unit died, or so we were told by the local service people and I went down stress avenue for about 6 days. It was the hottest days in May around here. When the first serviceman came to identify the cause, he said the unit needed a part. To make matters worse, the entire unit is located on the roof of the townhouse and an extension ladder is necessary to access it. $379 later we had cool air and we thought we dodged the bullet. The very next day we had no A/C. The unit is old, compressor is gone and you know the rest. . . .

When did the cost for comfortable air space in my room go up so high?  After sweating bullets and 3 days of 90 degree temps, I got my usual three quotes from companies in our area. Then, settled on a sub contractor for Lowes to bring our A/C needs up to speed. Did I say. . . that I suffered thru THREE  86+ degree nights & had to sleep downstairs because the upstairs bedrooms were HOTT.  Now, we are on a payment plan for a year and I need a sweater to watch the NBA playoffs on the couch.   Aaah. . . the joy of Kool air.

Shopping can be Exhilarating or Traumatic depending on what you are shopping for. Do your homework and do not be afraid to bargain with sellers. It's you hard earned cash and you must be educated about the item before you bring it home. If you need  household appliances, check on the big box stores websites and look carefully at pricing. My Cuz always shop the scratch & dent section for kitchen appliances and she really gets good deals. Like, you can hardly see the dent on the side of her Fridge.

But, Not all the deals are Great.  How many times have you seen the guy riding down the street, with his discount mattress on top waving in the breeze.  His Great deal will be worth nothing when he rolls down to the permanent bend in bed, thanks to the breeze.  Sometimes you just have to pay extra for delivery, set up & removal.  Also, your body weight does apply to what you are sleeping on. "If you weigh more than 200 lbs. don't buy a memory foam mattress", says Bill Fish of the Somehow body weight seems to come in the conversation. Why?

Do not wait on the old car to leave you on the street, it gives you a few signals. 

So, take heed & Enjoy your Life!

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