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I'm still shopping my kloset since the start of my 60 day No-Buy clothing period on January 30th.  Now, I'm almost 90 days in and plan to continue. Years ago I was a big time fabric hoarder and made most of my clothing, drapery and cushions.  I have been itching to take up the sport since I got bored with the clothes at Macy's & JC Penney in my area.  So, a few months ago I decided to take the 30+ years of dust off my sewing machine and when I did, it was not happy and refused to work. After some deliberations, I purchased a new low priced Brother sewing machine from Amazon, and got re-acquainted with some fabrics I had stored at my Mom's house.  Next, I had to get new patterns and Hobby Lobby 99 cents sale got the ball rolling. Then, Joanns Fabrics had their pattern sales and now I needed to find storage for all the patterns I have accumulated. Weeks later, I finally picked out a top pattern to make the first project and got to cutting up fabric. Two days later the top was complete and I wore it to my Mom's house. She was surprised to see a finished garment.

Weeks ago my Mom, Sis and I took a road trip to South Carolina for the Homecoming Celebration of my MIL Margaret. It was quite a long ride and we spent two nights in Savannah, Georgia. It's been more than 20 years, since my last visit to the Carolinas and the highways and byways really have changed. There is now a Sun City all-adult Community only 15 minutes from where I once lived, and it includes a Golf Course and all the amenities for a very comfortable life. It has given the small town new life and created a city vibe.

No visit to the low-country would be complete, without a trip to Hilton Head Island, S.C. and we were surprised at the bustling traffic on the roads. The Service for my MIL was Covid-19 Compliant, held outdoors in front of the church and it was a very pleasant day. Within 2 hours we got back on the road for our 7 hour trip home, and we were happy to back in our own beds.

Last month I had an OOTD when my Cuz invited me out and about for adult refreshments. Yes. We both got our vaccinations months ago and still wear masks. It was so good to listen to Reggae, sip a delish cocktail and do some chair dancing.  Other than the occasional outing you can find me chillaxing in a sleeveless dress around the house.

We are so looking forward to Birthday/Backyard celebrations in the next three months with family, since all the adults have completed their vaccinations. What are you looking forward to?

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