New Year New OOTD


Happy New Year to Each and Everyone.  We brought in 2021 at my Mom's house watching the countdown on TV with a glass of Rum Punch. On New Year's Eve we got back to 80 degree weather in my neck of the woods and it was well received. I was so pleased with the warmth, that I had to take out my hot pink shoes. The top I'm wearing here was hanging in my vacation closet for a few years and came forward in the merge. Now, that small closet houses my jackets and pants and everything else is crammed into the other two.  Yes. . . I am lucky to have three closets but I do miss my walk-in closet. Generally there are no New Year Resolutions here. But, I do have plans to 'Live out Loud' some more and get back to travelling to my favorite spots.  How about You?

Not only did I do another large purge last month, but I also closed down my Poshmark account.  Since early last year, Poshmark started charging sales tax on purchases, and sales came to a halt. And, I was discouraged to find out that any items purchased were now double taxed - I paid sales tax when I purchased them, and the new owner had to pay sales tax again. Nah. . .  I was not about to give the State a bonus.  So, all the new and slightly worn items were divided into four bags and distributed to family. Since, most items were New and still had the sales tag on them, they could have been early Xmas presents. 

We were so excited to see 2020 go, and the desire to save our Democracy, that we forgot that evil still lurks in the hearts of many Americans. And, we almost let our guard down. Thank God for the Free Press!  We have to continue to be Diligent, to Protect our Rights and Livelihood.  

Keep your Head up high, Eyes & Ears wide Open.

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