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Back in 2010, June to be exact.  I had so much free time on my hands that I started a Newsletter. The monthly newsletter KURVES was emailed to my few subscribers. The comments were all Great and the subscribers grew to 17 in a few months. About a month later my Cami informed me that a Blog would be a better source, and I could grow more subscribers. Long story short, I took her advice & became a blogger with the same name (Kurves) on the Free Blogspot platform. But, kept all the printed issues of the newsletter. Last week I found the stash and started re-reading the material.  Here are a few snippets from the pages . . .

The by-line on the first issue was. . .  "Welcome to the First edition of KURVES your newsletter compliments of Ptyme. Yes. . another something to read. But, I promise you it will be one to read, print and share with others. This publication is circulated in an email format only and is strictly For Your Entertainment.  I have always wanted to circulate a newsletter to my circle of Friends and never had the time to write it. Now, I have some time and I hope you will not only read it, but offer your comments or events that you want to share with others.  The articles featured here are from sources that I have read, seen or lived and will always note the source. So my friends . . . open your minds and let the information float into your thoughts". . .

The July 2010 Issue was called the Relationship Issue:

  • On page 2 - Are we meant to be Single?  Caught fire with many readers and got the most comments.

One main thing that keeps women from hooking up - or from being happy when they are in a relationship - is what Dr. Michael Broder Psychologist and relationship Guru dubs "soulmate syndrome".  This is the notion that there's the soulmate out there. To believe there's one somebody who can be and do all for you is the extent to which you're not being realistic!"  At some point Broder says. "Meant to be single" is about expectations, specifications and mathematics. It's a truism that if your specs are too high, your emotional obstacle course too minded, your unwillingness to do, what you have to do to meet lots of people too strong, you're leaving it to chance."

  • Also on Page 2. Demand a Dream Life. . ."Women who live the life of their dreams don't get there by being dainty and darling".
  • Page 3 -  Signs that Verbal Abuse May Turn Physical - was a call to action, so to speak. There were five signs listed:
  1. He has been in a verbal relationship before or has a history of violent encounters to others.
  2.  He blocks your exit - or threatens you in other ways - during arguments.
  3. He pulls things out of your hands or asserts physical dominance in other ways.
  4. He starts to go public. The criticism & name calling happens in front of others.
  5. He is violent during arguments, punches holes in walls, smashes things and/or destroys property.

July's edition ended with "Be aware of Behavioral changes and Act Responsibly".

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Be on the look out for more, from the pages of Kurves Newsletter Archives.

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