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Where to live in one’s golden years is one of the most significant decisions a new Retiree has to make, and the traditional notion of retirement is changing. The old formula of cookie-cutter retirement communities is being challenged by the rise of customizable living arrangements. Sprawling housing developments in retirement havens are becoming less desirable and, as people live longer, they want their retirement to reflect their lifestyle choices. One of America’s largest and most influential generations  - Baby Boomers - is leading the evolution of retirement communities.

When it was time for Me to start thinking about retirement living, my sister and I decided that it would be more affordable if we merged housing. Then, we wanted a vacation place in our home country, Jamaica W.I.  But, when we did our due diligence on location, we found that the lack of access to quality health care for seniors in that country was void. So, that idea got tossed out the door. The next choice was a condo in South Florida which is as close to Jamaica as we could get, without leaving the US. So, we made notes regarding our priorities and did a comparison. Cost was the most important factor before we started looking for interior living space. We did an extensive research, and logged many miles all over the Tri-County area before we found the right place, that could accommodate us both.

I'm so blessed to live in a Beach Village on a barrier Island in Florida, nestled between the Intracoastal & the Atlantic Ocean.  When we purchased the townhouse 12 years ago, it was supposed to be a vacation home. Then in 2010 it became our permanent residence. We live in an 88 unit community across the street from the beach and in walking distance to the town center. In the rear of the community is the wide open intracoastal that is busy with boat traffic most of the year. The unit has two bedrooms & bathrooms upstairs, a tiny patio on the lower level, and a monthly maintenance fee. Our community has three pools, a tennis court and docks for boat drop-offs.  Another perk is a county bus stop at the gate that I frequently use.  The only inconvenience for this area, is the opening and closing of bridges for watercraft traffic. Other than that, the weather is sub tropical and Life is Great.

We call this our "lock up & go" lifestyle and hope to do more Caribbean travel soon.

Retirement Living can be as complicated as you want or easy as you need.  Downsizing is an important factor towards how you choose to live.  If the house you live in now, will be too much to take care of when you retire, then you should be searching for a scaled-down lifestyle. Another reason we enjoy living where we are now, is because we are less than 10 miles away from our Mom and her siblings.  This is huge!  You will be surprised to find out that you need to be in close proximity to your children/family, so that you can interact with them.  Access to shopping and entertainment that interest you, should also be a dominant factor in your decision. Monthly housing costs will usually determine how you plan to live. Therefore, a lot of research is necessary to find the right neighborhood, before you invest in real estate. My blogsista Jodie has a series on her blog called "Where Bloggers Live" go check them out.

So many retirees have moved out of the USA to Aruba, Grand Cayman, Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico and many other Caribbean countries because the cost of  living is more affordable. I had Belize on my radar for years before we moved to this location. Yes. . . we do have choices and an educated shopper is the best shopper, so do your homework before you make any moves.  And remember, you have to Love your Home to be able to Enjoy your Golden Years.

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