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If you've been here before, then you know that I live in Denim. The more colorful the better. For weeks I have been trying on my vast selection of denim Jeans and found a few that have not been worn. Some still have the tags on them. Why have they not been worn? My guess was that, I had too many.  After another purge, those that fell into the 'maybe pile' had to be fitted. Once they made it back in the closet, it was decided to alter their appearance and make them more desirable. So, I went over to Hobby Lobby to get some inspiration. Two hours later, walked out with some fabric paints, fringe and sewing patterns. Once I got home, took out a bunch of colorful tops that I wear a lot to get some more inspiration.  A colorful sweater found in the closet, was the first inspired piece to paint a white pair of jeans.  And, the Fun began.

First up. . . these Jeans I got back in 2018 from JCPenney.  After the jeans were laundered and the colors chosen, I was all in. This was not my first hand painted jeans project. I had done two pairs a few years ago only to give them away.  My hand painted designs are done Freehand, so it has a uniqueness that I truly Love.  

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It has been raining all week here & it was cloudy when we took the photos, and unfortunately the colors are not vivid.  Anywho. . here is the finished product, styled with a pink top from my closet.

If you decide to paint wearable fabrics.  Be sure to place some plastic or cardboard between the fabric to prevent paint bleed.  It's best to use 'Fabric' paint because they are washable. But, you can use multi use Acrylic with paint Medium. You should follow the directions on the paint products and remember, you must iron the finished product to protect the paint from cracking. I steam ironed my jeans on the wrong side after they were finished and before wearing them. 


Now, I'm ready to start another DIY project.

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