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In my Jeans closet purge, three pairs were identified as “make them work” in my stash. After the Floral hand painted Jeans was a success [worn here], I chose another pair of white jeans to work on.  They were slightly distressed and the Style&Co brand purchased years ago. The initial plan was to add some fringe to the hem, but that got scrapped for paint. I had so much fun with the last project. . . so why not?  The main colors chosen for the project were orange and pink, because there were so many tops to match in my closet.  But, that soon changed and before I knew it, some yellow & iridescent blue got thrown into the mix. Now, I have three pairs of jeans that got an upgrade during the shutdown and I love them all.

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In Progress

Method: I did not have a method for the madness. Just used only washable Fabric Paints. Specifically made to use on fabrics along with several brushes purchased from Hobby Lobby.  All fabric had to be laundered before painting. Cut open a large plastic shopping bag and used it to line the pant’s leg to stop any paint bleed.  Since I was doing freehand I tried out the paint on a scrap of cloth first.  Then went to town with a new brush for each color and added more colors as I went along.  The completed project was hung outside to dry. Once it was completely dry, I steam ironed the entire garment to keep the paint from cracking.  Before wearing the jeans I steam ironed the painted area again, and that was it.  Everyone can do this.

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Next up was a pair of Skinny jeans from the Boutique line at JC Penney. They were purchased in 2018 and even though they fit well they were just not getting worn. After they got laundered, I started painting random squares that ended up with a design that made me smile.

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Then the back pockets got some paint, and they got placed on the patio to dry. Later they were steam ironed and hung in the kloset. They got worn to celebrate my Birthday last week and I will be wearing them again soon.

All these jeans are easy to style because they pair with lots of tops already in my kloset. They will surely get a lot of wear, now that they have an Identity.

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