Coming of Age


If you search on the Internet for what a woman over 50 should wear? The results could be daunting. Only because, we have been wearing and loving the same items of clothing, that they say we should not wear.  Hello. . . we are still Vibrant! Many of us are wearing colorful low cut pieces that rival the younger gals, and we have an attitude to boot. I just wear Whatever I want, Whenever and Refuse to be Invisible.

Today is the oldest I have ever been, and the youngest I will ever be again. Thanks to the Almighty.  Last year the birthday celebrations went on for the entire month and I promised my Cuz that we were not going to overdo it this year. . . and Guess what?  Covid happened. Any & all plans are halted.  Therefore, I will not be getting loose on anyone's dance floor this year. What a pity.  Goes to show, that we should not put off what we can do today, for tomorrow or take too much for granted.  The memories of last year are still taking up space in my head, so I will go look up the photos from that night we got all dressed up at a black/white party.  I'll be moving into another era next year, and will continue to pray for Good health for the birthdays to come.  On another note, we all can't wait to see 2020 go, just for the promise of a better 2021. . . Am I right??

The jeans worn here is another of my handpainted projects completed last month when the creative juices were flowing. It's from JC Penney. The Linen Top is an oldie but goodie. The Shooze have been worn plenty and stored in its box under the bed. The handbag is new to the blog but has been in the closet for over a year.

 *        *        *

DIY in Progress

Now that these jeans were re-vamped, you will see them again for sure.

       *        *        *

Thanks be to God for this Life!

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