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Fall season in SFlo varies from year to year.  And, if we have a busy hurricane season like we did this year, the weather can change in an hour.  It is cloudy, 87 degrees with a light breeze at my casa, when this post goes live.  As of Sept. 23rd 2020, there have been 24 tropical depressions, of which 23 became tropical storms. Eight became hurricanes, two were major hurricanes. The most recent storm was Beta, the second letter of the Greek Alphabet which is used when the list of names designated for the season is finished. The last time this happened was 2005 when Zeta was the last storm.  Thankfully, so far we got Rain and more Rain as the storms churned and toss some severe winds around us.  But the season is not over, {ends Nov. 30th}  and we are hopeful.

De Outfit

These items are from my closet and the top was worn for the first time. It was from Target 'A New Day' line clearance more than a year ago. The $5.98 tag was still on it, and I paired it with my favorite jeans of the year from JCPenney.  The Shooze have been worn many times and the handbag is very old. I'm just about done with the summer end of season sales, and the bounty was so much less than years past.  Now, looking forward to Christmas.

De Latest

Did my first online purchase at Kohl's when this dress in pink appeared in a photo on sale.  At that time I took advantage of the extra 15% off for non-cardholders. Got it in Red too, only to return them because they were a tight ribbed knit and I did not like the fit. . . Hello rolls & dimples peeking out of my undergarments!  While in the store waiting for my refund, I got an alert on my cellphone with a $10 coupon and proceeded to find the clearance rack. This was only my second time in Kohl's since they opened. They had a large clearance rack which included some JLo items.  I'm a big talker to strangers who are pleasant (not sour faces or rude people). And, have done many fitting room non-commissioned sales with women, I have never met before. . If you need a another size, I'll get it for you if you are very friendly.  So, I asked around and was told that the store discontinued the Jlo line. I did find a few other labels on the rack & spent the coupon in no time. If you are a JLo fan, head on over to Kohl's.

I'm an intermediate scholar of You Tube University and have several channels of Estheticians and over 50 influencers that I watch every week. So, when new skincare products excite this Junkie, I am on the chase for discount prices. More on that Here.  Most of my skincare is done or expired and I need to replenish my stash.  I will be reordering this, and this from Beautylish  as well as some from the Ordinary.  Have you been writing the date on your skincare containers when you open them?  Most skincare items only last 12 months, so you really should.

I spend every weekend with my Mom and there is always a project at her house.  She depends on me to do yard work and with two mango trees, there are always leaves to rake. This past weekend, I got into tree trimming with a ladder no less, and now I'm feeling some pain here and there from that.  But, I'm glad it got done, as she had been talking about it for months.

Enjoy the Moments!

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