Transitional in Florida


Autumn/Fall marks the transition from Summer to Winter that occurs in September of each year.  And, it is the best time of the year for Floridians to acquire more closet items. Back to School sales from August lead right into Labor Day, and if you shop wisely you can get a good deal on appliances too. This is a great time of year for me, not only for the bargains, but I love the beach in September. The crowds are gone, the water is warm and it's still summer weather. What more could an Island girl want?  Probably much more. . but this Island girl is very Thankful for all she has. My shopping this year is sparse since Covid and I have not worn any of my vacation clothes because all vacays were cancelled.

Everything I'm wearing here is old. These pants have been in my kloset for 6 years and until a replacement is found they will remain. The top is a favorite that will be worn to threads, and the shooze found under the bed in my stash.

When the duration of daylight becomes noticeably shorter, and the temperature cools considerably - we still wear summer clothes but not without some form of layering. By the middle of November we have to take out the jackets and sweaters around here, but we have had some summery Christmas days in past years. It's all dependent on how active the Hurricane season is on any given year.

Hello September. . Please be Amazing!

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