I am still not shopping plenty because I want to stay away from other people, and finding it difficult to ride the online shopping wagon. Mostly because it's hard to find budget buys online. Back in May, I found two items on the Target website that peaked my interest and put them in the online shopping cart. They were both Linen blends from the A New Day section. After weeks of deliberation, I went back to the site and made my first clothing online purchase. Hooraay!  The yellow top worn here and a pair of brown linen pants got delivered within 4 days. At first, I was not happy with the $20 price tag of the top, until I tried it on and loved it. I have been wanting to make some linen tops for years, (believe it or not I used to sew a lot) only to balk at the price of linen at the fabric stores. It's true RTW garments can be cheaper than Me-mades if you get a good fit. After the comparison cost was calculated, the purchase was more than justified and the top found a home. The pants are a 'Meh'. . . and they may need a twirl in the dryer to fit better.  Since then, I've not had the desire to do anymore online shopping.

Clearly. . . I have to Love it before I Buy it, and the fit plus fabric feels are necessary for me to love any garment. The online experience completely threw that out of the water!  Yellow was surely missing in my closet and  it was never one of my favorite colors, but it is now.  Since I really do not need any clothes, have nowhere to go, I'm saving money by not walking the malls. Who knew a Pandemic would stop ME from shopping??

Here I am again, still showing skin & my big flappy arms.  I know. . . there is a BOLO issued recently from the Fashion Police. Guess what?  I really do not care!  And, you can bet I will wear this top to threads.

"We Age not by Years but by Stories".


Top -  A New Day (Target)
Jeans - ANA (JCPenney)
Shoes - Old 
Handbag - Very Old

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