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We’ve all heard a few controversial suggestions and some even call it advice, of what older Ladies should not wear.  None of those supposedly advisers can really say what we should wear.  I say we should wear what gives us JOY!!  My body, imperfect as it may be, is the only one I’ll ever have. It’s not going to last forever and has already served me well for over sixty years. I owe it to myself to care for it and to dress it well. Let’s face it, we are not kids anymore, but this is supposed to be our golden years and we have to live it to the fullest. So what is the secret to dressing over 50?  There is NO secret.  In a world that is so youth-obsessed, many women over 50 feel the desire to dress as young as possible. Maybe. . maybe Not.  It all depends on your body structure, the depth of your bank account and what you Enjoy. And, if you have the body to wear something that fits you perfectly, then you should wear the heck out of it!  You just need a full length mirror and a Sister who tells you the truth when you ask “How does this look”?  Yes. . we can re-create any style with the body we now have, we just have to be real with ourselves.  My goal is to wear everything I have in my closets, because I had to Love it to buy it & would not want to waste my coins.  According to what I’ve read, . . The goal for the over-50 woman is to look classy, with a little touch of personality.  Allrighty then. . .

My personal style is Neti*Casual, and it varies on the mood & destination of the day.  I still love to get dressed up for an occasion, and often my shoes dictates the outfit because I have an overwhelming ShoozeLove.  According to After 50 Living, we should:

Avoid Crop tops and hot pants: If you spend countless hours in the gym, it could be tempting to sport trendy crop tops. But the fact is that you can feel sexy without revealing too much. Wearing hot pant after 50 doesn’t reflect a confident, composed woman with a style to envy.  Save it for the beach.

Avoid excessive cleavage: While being over 50 doesn’t mean you can’t wear something sexy, the enemy of women over 50 isn’t time, it is gravity. No matter how fit you are, knees, armpits, and cleavage will reveal your age. When it comes to cleavage, a plunging neckline can come off as desperate and attention-seeking. Instead, leave some to the imagination and flaunt what the endless hours at the gym help maintain.

Think “sensual” rather than sexy: Get dressed to make an entrance, not sneak in quietly through the back door. Just because you’ve hit 50, doesn’t mean you’re invisible. Show off your femininity with luxe, rich fabrics like silk, satin, and cashmere. Use fur details and deep colors (champagne, violet and hunter green) to channel a powerful female vibe that’s sensual but not overtly sexual.

You’re never too old to wear Jeans. Denim is ageless and suit every shape and size. Wear with a crisp white shirt and trench coat for a classic look.  As you can see from my outfit here, I did not read or fully understand the idea of not wearing crop tops, or showing skin at my age. I just Refuse to be Invisible and intend to Defy all who say, I should not wear a certain item.  

I was really feeling myself when I put on this top and you couldn’t tell me nuttin’ . .  The jeans I have had for months but they were put aside to be altered & now they are my fave.  Bottom line. . . if You do not feel 120% yourself, in an outfit you try on. Do not wear it!  And, You really do not want to look 20 you just want to look Ageless, Right?

Top –  Karen Kane
Jeans –  ANA
Handbag –  Very Old (MK)
Shooze –   Old Gianni Bini

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