The Fine Print

Service Agreements and Consumer Contracts are laden with Fine Print that can be costly. When we make large purchases like a Home, we always get a good legal mind to review the contract. Usually we hire an Attorney before we spend thousands, but this is not always true. I know of many who like to buy based on their gut feelings. And, some say Cash is king only to have buyers remorse shortly after. Not everyone can read the fine print and not everyone want to get someone to assist. And, buried within the language are many legal words and phrases that should raise a red flag. But we miss them entirely. . .

FREE - Nothing is Free. If you are not paying for the product or service, right now. You just may later.  Or, your information is likely being sold to advertisers and they will barrage you with solicitations.

Extended Warranty - Many corporations stick costs for an extended warranty into monthly payments. The value of such warranties is debatable and you should be given the details before you sign on the dotted line.

Free Trial - Often accompanied by with. .  'we will charge your card within 30 days'. This enters you into a game of "Will you remember to cancel on the 29th day?" This a very popular corporations game that they often win.

Automatically Renews -  Simply, you will continue to pay even when you do not realize it or want the subscription anymore.

Opt Out - They can use your data however they wish unless you take a step - "Opt Out" - to stop it. Their attorneys know most people accept the default and never get out.

Void the Warranty -  Many times warranties become useless if consumers break terms that make them void. Like not getting your auto serviced timely.

Third Party - This can mean you and your data are being sold to others for marketing purposes. Many free offers are bait for third party marketing tricks.

Mandatory Arbitration - If a product injures you or you feel misled, you cannot sue in a court of law. You have to go thru arbitration.

Liquidated Damages -  With this phrase the corporation attempts to cap potential damages you might be able to receive if you do manage to win a courtroom battle.

Hold Harmless and Indemnify -  Watch out for this! This gives corporations the potential to force a consumer or worker to pay the company's legal fees in a lawsuit.

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