Denim OOTD

Denim is a fabric that many of us wear all year long and never goes out of style in my book. Every summer it plays nicely with skimpy tops, or bares itself on shoulders on just about every woman. While there are silhouettes that remain constant, key styles do increase in popularity throughout the seasons. In my closet are two denim dresses, one denim skirt and tons of jeans in a variety of colors. “Denim doesn’t have to be heavy, in fact lighter weight denims are ideal for the summer months,” said Kristie Rhodes, Cotton Inc., adding that lightweight denim typically ranges from 4 to 8 oz. in weight. “Cotton is naturally soft and absorbs moisture, making it more comfortable against the skin during the hottest days.”

Denim is mainly made from cotton -  a fragile and fluffy staple fibre grown on a plant that is turned into a sturdy hardwearing textile. The cotton bolls are picked with a machine that removes the crop without damaging the plant. Once picked and collected, the cotton goes through the ginning process(wikipedia). I cannot leave out denim's cousin Chino. It is more lightweight and more refined than denim and smooth to the touch. And, I love to wear it in tops too.

The fabric of this dress contains 63% Lyocell. As a hydrophilic fiber, Tencel lyocell can absorb moisture, making garments with Tencel more comfortable in the hot summer months. And I was very comfortable in the 92 degree weather of my parking area.

 This was an addition to my closet last year from Macy's Last Act and just making it's debut.

For sure I would have worn this out with my Cuz to our favorite watering hole if Corona had not come to town.  So, back to the closet it goes until. . . . . . .   Covid-19 has definitely put a spin on our lives and cancelled all outside outings and Caribbean vacations. This is not the normal we have been accustomed, and we are having a surge of new cases in my city. God Help Us!

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