September Pinks

Summer’s just about over in most states, but don’t despair as September Pinks are bursting with must-haves to raise your spirits.  If it's getting cooler where you are, you can still strut your pinks and whites because there are No Rules to styling your body. The old "no white after labor day" died about 29 years ago and we just don't care to look back.  In my part of the world the climate is summery right up to Christmas. It was just 94 degrees under the tree a few days ago.  As long as there are no remnants of hurricane season, folks still lay out at the beach. This is also the ideal time for a self-care reboot & many of us need to moisturize more. There are only three months left in this year, did you get your annual Pap Test?  What. . . you forgot to call your doctor!!  Make no mistake about it. . Pap tests can detect precancerous conditions of the cervix, so they can be monitored or treated in order to prevent cervical cancer. Most medical organizations suggest women begin routine Pap tests at age 21. How often depends on your doctor's recommendation. So, do NOT forget to get the test done.

The top is new to the blog but has been worn previously. This Handbag was a great buy from TJ Maxx has been worn plenty. Jeans are a.n.a from JCP and seen on the blog before.

Thanks for your recent comments.

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