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This is not exactly what we thought May, 2020 would be. We watched headlines that seemed unbelievable turn into a new way of life, and restrictions we thought would last weeks stretch into months. These are wild, emotionally draining times. As a global community, we have so much to grieve - the loss of lives, chances to be with our families and events we carefully planned. It’s painful; it’s exhausting; it’s more than enough reason to give yourself permission to spend the rest of this year in your underwear. Right now, many of the things we normally derive joy from are out of bounds. There are few things I love, more than my twice a month evening out with my Cuz. The idea of dining & chatting over my favorite alcoholic beverages is missing these days. Also, I miss the once a week adventure of browsing the shops searching for bargains, and the pleasure of taking my Mom to the Casino. I’m even missing my occasional walks on the beach.

These are some of the things, many of us take for granted in our day to day. When we’re able to see them as moments of joy and pleasure, we can begin to understand the importance of creating new experiences. In times of stress, like the one we find ourselves in now, we need these moments more than ever. There’s a culture of fear and uncertainty out there which can bring feelings of anxiety and depression. When they come knocking, don't let them in, it's hard to get them out. It may have taken a global crisis to get us here, but here we are. . . calling our families more, doing more self-care, checking in with our friends and asking each other how we’re really doing. So, how are YOU really doing right now?

I'm doing Great right now and being so Thankful for Life!!

In reading the book "It's not all downhill from Here" by Terry McMillan it reminded me that I still have so much to look forward to, and I'm really living my Best Life.  Loretha Curry's story was so similar to mine, except her husband died and left her a few coins to add to her already substantial bank account. My Ex is still living his life, robbing Peter to pay Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it is now on the shelf of my may-read-again titles.

My first online purchase with Beautylish was a success. I'm enjoying the new skincare products from Good Molecules. The Niacinamide Toner and Discoloration Corrective Serum are my faves and I'm waiting to see the results. 

Operation Closet Clean-Out is still in process. So far I have given away seven pairs of shoes to my family and have a few to list on Poshmark. On to dusting out my shelves and inventory of my personal items including some cosmetics. I date all my cosmetic products with the first use date, so I know when they are going to expire.

Mangoes are ripening at full speed and I'm enjoying as many as I can. Mangoes are very sweet with high levels of natural sugar. They also contain fiber and a variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins C, A, E, and K, as well as a range of B vitamins. But they are relatively high in carbohydrates. Therefore, they can be make you fat. If you ask me, everything I put in my mouth, makes me fat. So there!  Just last week I made some sweet n sour shrimp and served it with Cauliflower Rice.  The rice was not a good accompaniment for the shrimp and at $2.99 for 1.5 servings, not cost effective. Some good ole Jasmine rice would have been more pleasing to my taste buds.

 My city has started phase one of re-opening. New Haircuts or new I-Phones is by appointment only.  A few parks are open but NOT the Gym or Beaches.  Since I'm having difficulty with social distancing my Fridge, I need them to get to Phase two with quickness.

 The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has brought a laser focus on handwashing & hygiene. A study recently published by U.K.-based researchers, and presented at the 2019 European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, finds using paper towels is more effective than conventional jet air dryers for removing microbes when drying poorly washed hands. I got a 6 pack of Sparkle Paper towels online at Walmart for $6.99.

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly altered the way we live. But, it has proved that there is always reason to be hopeful. It has proved the persistence of LOVE isn’t just a cliché overused in wedding vows and etched onto every greeting card. It’s at the heart of all the moments we come together even though we’re apart. With nothing to keep our spirits up, it’s all too easy to get down. When outside opens, resolve to continue to Live your best Life.

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