Vodka and More. . .

Not just for Cocktails - VODKA has many Household Uses!

Vodka is not just for cocktails anymore, it is a versatile, potent potable with cleaning powers aplenty. The grain-base liquor performs many of the same tasks as, that expensive store bought stuff. . . . removing stains, refreshing fabrics, neutralizing odors, and disinfecting surfaces -  but without any odor, a real plus for smell-and-chemical-sensitive folks. That bottle of cheap vodka you got as a gift can come in handy to clean and refresh everything from bed linens to jewelry.  I must confess that my favorite home made cocktail is vodka/orange juice or vodka/cranberry.  So, my Grey Goose is much too beloved to spray around my house.  But I've used the cheap no name stuff.

Expensive brands aren't any better at eliminating odors, so save that for sipping instead.  But, your vodka has to be plain with no added flavors or ingredients for this to work. Here's some surprising ideas that can benefit from a shot, a spritz, or a swipe of vodka:

Straight Vodka Spritz
Pour undiluted plain vodka in a spray bottle to freshen up stale-smelling clothing, upholstery and fabrics. Disinfect rugs & mattresses. Spray the stinky item with a gentle mist of vodka, and then allow the article to air dry completely.

Multipurpose Vodka Spray
Make your own vodka spray to use as an air freshener or fabric refresher. Essential oils such as citrus blends or peppermint add fragrance if you wish to add a scent to the solution.  Mix - 1 part vodka with 3 parts water in a spray bottle. The measurements do not need to be exact; the freshening spray will work well even with a stronger vodka concentration. Then add -  a few drops of your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend. Secure the lid or nozzle tightly on the bottle and shake it to mix the ingredients.

Here are 25 Uses to put that Cheap Vodka to Good use!

On another Note:
Now that DIY Sanitizers is what's cooking in many kitchens, it's time to look in your liquor cabinet for a substitute ingredient.  Please Note: Alcohol volume needs to be at least 70% for this usage.  Most cheap vodkas only have 40% volume and that will do not do for this new Virus.  According to the "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. . . the best way to prevent the transmission of disease is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. But, in instances where soap and water are not at your disposal, hand sanitizer is the second best thing".

Alcohol based hand sanitizers can kill most viruses & nobody will ever guarantee that Vodka or any other alcohol is going to kill them all. Once again. . . the best way to protect yourself is to wash hands with soap and water.  Last month I made my own version of DIY wipes with Alcohol and we have been using them constantly - Got me some Baby Wipes from the grocery store and 151 proof Grain Alcohol from the liquor store. It was so easy and affordable. If you want my recipe, send me an email.

Over 5,000 years ago Egyptians already used alcohol to sanitize, and treat eye infections. That’s how long ago, they found a way to use alcohol, not for the use we all know now, but to treat eye infections. It was obvious from then that alcohol kills germs, but it was not used as an everyday product. Things changed in 1966, when Lupe Hernandez, a nursing student from Bakersfield California, discovered a method of delivering alcohol in a gel. At the moment Hernandez probably didn’t even realize, that he just developed the desirable product called hand sanitizer. Initially hand sanitizer was used only in hospitals and medical facilities, but in 1988 companies Purell and Gojo made it available to public market.

Say Hello to Vodka in different ways and let me know how you use it.

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