Times like these. . .

Home is where Love resides, Memories created, Friends always belong, 
& Laughter never ends.”

Social distancing isn't in our nature, but right now, it's for the greater good. So we must STAY AT HOME.  If you listen to talk radio or read some news publications, you will hear & read many people with Predictions on how this Pandemic all got started.  Given that scientists don't fully understand the way COVID-19 works and spreads, it makes sense that people are trying to fill in the blanks with all kinds of theories.  Some people are convinced the Bible actually predicted Coronavirus long ago, and that this may be a sign that the end is near. But is there any truth to this theory?  You be the Judge!  Even for those who don't subscribe to the Bible prediction theory, there are many other conspiracies going around about COVID-19. Some are all about how it could have been predicted by Movies & TV shows, while others claim that it could be engineered to control human population.

From what I read - - - "Scientists do know a great deal about the coronavirus, now called SARS-CoV-2. One of the mysteries they're still trying to untangle is where the virus came from in the first place. Scientific evidence overwhelmingly points to wildlife, (bats) as the most likely origin. Others have written that this virus originated in Wuhan, China, likely coming from a bat in a live animal market" - - - Since they can trace the virus back this way, it takes a lot of the mystery out of how this appeared. But, a new poll found that 29% of Americans believe the coronavirus was likely created in a lab, according to the Pew Research Center. Those who choose to believe in the coronavirus can certainly make this fit their narrative, but for those feeling anxious about the apocalypse being upon us? Don't be. The reasons and origination of this killer virus is way above my pay grade. Let's leave the research & theories to the Scientists & Medical Professionals. And, just hang out at home, keep hands washed, and help stop the spread in your community however You can.

Although being cooped up in our homes 24/7 doesn't seem like the ideal way to spend the next few weeks - especially in Florida when everyone just want to be at the beach. But, there is no reason to feel like all hope is lost. Instead of being lonely, engage  with your friends/family and stay in communication with the world around you.  Use your FaceTime and WhatsAp, now that we've got  all the time in the world to talk to each other.  The point is, social distancing might seem unfair and boring, but it is the best way to protect ourselves, our family and our community. But if you're feeling overwhelmed, worried, or just plan cooped up - Crank up the music box!  Get out your old time favorites, play it loud while you dance and sing along. When you feel better. . . start a blog, clean out your closet, clean the kitchen appliances, paint that room, finish that book you've been reading, watch You-tube videos or some Comedy TV, because tomorrow is another day.

Be Forever THANKFUL 
Continue to Live a Purposeful Life!

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