Laughter . . .

With all the uncertainty and confusion in our lives right now. Try to find small ways to infuse some laughter in your day.  Turn off the News because you can get overwhelmed. Play some silly games, take out the puzzles from storage or watch some Comedy shows that will make you Laugh.  SURVIVAL is our Focus right now, and we have to keep our mental health in check.  Mom and I have survived the last 32 days, watching TVLand and MeTV, so now we know all the residents of Mayberry.  You can still get some belly shakin' laughs from - I Love Lucy,  The Jeffersons, The Beverly Hillbillies,  Good Times, Andy Griffith,  Odd Couple,  Cheers, The Golden Girls, Carol Burnett Show & Mash to name a few.  Find your Favorites and enjoy them all over again.

I'll always laugh out loud when I find some funny in my world and last week my "Ride or Die Cuz" came over to give me a dose of jokes on the front porch. My Mom's neighbors were all peeking out the doors to see what was going on.  I'm so very Thankful she visited.

When we were taking these photos in the parking lot, my neighbor passed by and he was full of jokes. The loud laughter continued for about ten minutes. It was a good feeling when we got back inside the house. . . that is what Laughter can do my Friends.  Find humor in something and Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

Everything I'm wearing here came from my closet & worn before here on the blog.

So, tell me. . . What are you doing to pass the time at home?

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