Got off the Wordpress Train

Blogging is very Therapeutic for Me and I LOVE the relationships I have made and continue to make.  BUT, it is a Hobby, does not generate any income and I have to be cost conscious.  After five years blogging on a self-hosted Wordpress site I can finally write about my blogging experience. Before I converted to wordpress in 2016, I wrote a free blog on blogspot called "Kurves" that I made my own and found lots of friends.  Somewhere along the way I read . . "to be legit in the blogging world you need a".  The Kurves blog was not attracting enough readers due to its position on the web (too many Curves, Kurves, Curvy sites to compete with) so I wanted a fresh start and selected the only nickname that I was proud of - Madam Too Much.  

In seeking a new domain I got on a Train geared to self-hosted wordpress. The options were endless and very costly but I still wanted to venture into the world of wordpress.  So I stopped where my pocketbook would allow and ended up at I-Page. There, I was entertained with a two year deal and a free domain name for $65. So I pondered on it for weeks before I took out my credit card.  The two year period ended in 2018 and when I got my new bill from I-Page for $268.00 for a 2 year renewal. I was fit to be tied. To blog for Fun at that cost was clearly not affordable to me. And,  I was not going to give up my lifestyle for this blog.   

So, I started new research and got a Plan B.  A free blogger blog that I could copy recent posts and hot topics was ideal to save my work. This is always a good idea just in case shit happens. When I opened the new blogger blog, I was directed to Google Domains with the option to purchase a new domain. That is when the Lightbulb turned on. . . .

Recently, I got notification that the renewal for my current hosting next year is $250. Now that I know this, I have decided to get off the wordpress train before the renewal date.  It is very True that Wordpress has more options than Blogger and is more popular. I may even dare to say, I really like Wordpress more. But, my bank account says Hell No!  When I started out on Blogger in 2010 I was unemployed, living off the dust in my bank account and needed FREE. The blogging world has changed and Social media has taken over due to instant gratification. But, I still enjoy writing & reading blogs, and my retirement income is very strict. So, now I need CHEAP

Is this the real Madam Too Much?

YES! . . .The address has changed.
Everything else remains the same.

So, here I am. . back to Free Hosting, Cheap Domain registration & maybe some ads that can potentially make me a few bucks.  All this makes Blogger very appealing to this budget savvy blogger, and I had to take the jump. Since I had been running two blogs concurrently for a year, you are now reading a fair duplicate version of MadamTooMuch. I'll be here permanently on January 1st, 2022.  to deliver more content. Please browse and bookmark this location

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